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5 Reasons Every Angler Needs a Hemostat

Rockaway Products

Every catch and release angler needs one of these tools. 

I’ve heard many conversations about hemostats vs. pliers.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is trying to remove a hook with a rusty pair of pliers that you practically need both hands to open while the fish is flopping around, clinging to its life. How many doctors have you seen doing surgery with pliers?

Get yourself a hemostat. Here’s five reasons that a pair of these should be a tool that every catch and release angler has:

1. You can easily open them again if you can’t squeeze pressure onto the hook with the first try.

2. You can lock them into place.

3. The shape allows you to reach into narrow spaces.

4. They don’t rust.

5. They are much lighter and take up less space. You can thread a carabiner through the loops and hook them onto your belt loop or tackle bag so they don’t get lost when they’re not in use. Have you ever dropped a pair of pliers in the water? News flash, metal sinks.

Rockaway Fishhook Removers, a specialized brand of hemostats for fishing, feature a curved angle to the jaws to prevent further damaging tissue and are backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

If you’ve ever used pliers on the water, you’ve probably noticed they have a short shelf life. Get yourself a hemostat!

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5 Reasons Every Angler Needs a Hemostat