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5 Reasons Why Eva Shockey is Great for the Hunting Community [PICS]

Eva Shockey is a pillar of the hunting community and encourages everyone to get out there, enjoy the outdoors, and hunt.

Ask any hunter, male or female, who the most recognizable huntress in the world is, and you’ll undoubtedly hear Eva Shockey’s name far more than others. She’s helping perpetuate a major shift in the outdoor industry, one that’s recognizing women for their contributions, their skill and their passion when it comes to hunting.

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Here’s why we think she’s one of the best things to happen to the sportsman community in a long time.

1. She’s an amazing role model

Field & Stream


Shockey is a good role model in general, but when it comes to encouraging women to get involved in the outdoors and hunting, there is no one better. She shows her hardcore outdoor side, as well as her personal, fun-loving side. She shares her experience through pictures, social media posts and videos, proving you don’t have to be ‘one of the guys’ to be a hunter. You can be girly, you can laugh, and you can have fun. She has made the sport of hunting a little less intimidating for women everywhere.

2. She defends hunting with class

Fox News


Eva has received death threats over the 510-pound bear that she killed in North Carolina. But when she went on Fox News to defend herself, she sat there, smiled and spoke with grace and happiness. She wasn’t crude, she wasn’t negative and she never lost her cool. She handles anti-hunters with class. “They are used to … the hunter with the beard and the drinking beer…but that’s not what I represent,” she said in a ABC News piece.

3. She’s influencing the marketplace

Eva Shockey


There’s been a big change in the hunting industry when it comes to clothing and gear. Industries are realizing that they need to create clothes and gear made specifically for women’s needs. BowTech, Under Armour and many other companies are taking note of not only Eva, but the growing number of female hunters overall, and they are changing the manufacturing decisions as a result.

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4. She created a bow specifically for women

Eva Shockey Twitter


Never has there been a bow like the Eva Shockey Signature Edition compound bow by BowTech. There have been bows made for women, but this is a bow made by a woman and marketed (so far successfully) with her full support. That’s a very big step forward for the entire hunting and outdoor industry.

5. She promotes family and the circle of life


Eva is the daughter of Jim Shockey, who is a professional hunter and television host. She often hunts with her father and has said many times that hunting is a family tradition. She also advocates that hunting is a way of life and animals must be respected. Even though she has said that she feels remorse for the animals whose lives she takes, she says it’s the ultimate clean living, because she knows exactly where her food comes from.

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Eva Shockey is making a huge difference for women in the hunting and outdoor industry by ultimately never apologizing for being a hunter. And that’s the biggest lesson we can all learn from her.

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5 Reasons Why Eva Shockey is Great for the Hunting Community [PICS]