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5 Reasons You Should Add a Ground Blind into Your Deer Hunting Setup [PICS]

If you have not yet tried a ground blind for deer hunting, here are five good reasons why you should.

For years I have been a diehard treestand hunter when pursuing whitetail deer.

Treestands provide a number of advantages such as getting your scent above the deer, opening up excellent shooting angles and allowing for great sight lines into forest and bush; but last season I discovered why I should add a ground blind into the mix.

Now I hunt from a combination of treestands and ground blinds and here are five reasons why.

1. Conceals the Hunter

The new line of modern ground blinds with advanced camo patterns already come ready to blend into bush or forest conditions, add a little natural scrub while keeping shooting lines open and they literally blend into the background.

Effective ground layouts also allow a hunter to make subtle movements inside the blind without getting busted by deer.

Primos Double Bull
Bass Pro/Primos Double Bull Bullpen Ground Blind

2. Scent Control

While most treestands achieve this by putting the hunter up high, ground blinds provide effective scent control by trapping most hunter’s scents and keeping them out of winds that provide whitetail their number one defense.

American Brotherhood Groundblind
Bass Pro/American Brotherhood Groundblind

3. Comfort

Most portable treestands are open to the elements, as any dedicated deer hunter knows; however ground blinds provide an extra comfort level that can be critical in squeezing more hours out on a hunt.

I am not going to lie, when the rain is coming down, or snow, I love having the option to move from one of my treestands to my ground blind. The added level of comfort allows me to hunt for a lot longer.

Some of the best deer I have taken have been midday in really nasty weather conditions, so it pays to be able to stick it out.

4. Older Hunters

This ties into the conceal, comfort and safety bit. As I get older I want to be able to deer hunt as long as I possibly can and I suspect at some point mobility and safety may play a factor.

Let’s face it, for the more portable treestands, clipping in a safety harness and mounting small ladders or steps into a narrow treestand under a headlamp can be tricky.

This is why ground blinds are popular with older hunters, allowing them to continue their passion as they age.

Bale Blind
Bass Pro/Redneck Blinds Sportsman Bale Hunting Blind

5. Youth Hunters

The ability to shift around unbeknownst to deer is a godsend when hunting with my young boy, who invariably has a hard time sitting stock still, which is required in more open treestands.

The ability for him to move around a bit, have a snack or hot chocolate without getting busted makes it a much more enjoyable experience for him. Trying to have a 12-year-old sit still for hours is unrealistic.

Bass Pro/Big Game Treestands Charger Hub Style Ground Blind

There are a number of sound reasons why dedicated treestand hunters should consider also putting some ground blinds into their favorite hunting areas; give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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5 Reasons You Should Add a Ground Blind into Your Deer Hunting Setup [PICS]