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5 Reason to Pick up a Bow This Deer Season

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Here are five reasons that you should pick up a bow this deer season.

If you're a gun hunter, deer season probably isn't quite on your mind yet. It's still roughly six months away, and there is plenty of other activities to do before season rolls around.

Yet in the back of your mind are thoughts about that big buck your friend shot with his bow, and how he always seems to be talking about bowhunting. Here are five reasons why that's the case, and why you should pick up a bow for this upcoming deer season.

1. Length of season


Unlike gun seasons around the country, most states have a bow season that lasts at least three months long. This allows for a greater chance of success, as you don't have to figure out how to kill your target buck in just a couple of weeks. This also allows you to be more selective in what you harvest.

2. Closer proximity to animals


When bowhunting, you will notice that you will be closer to deer. Opposed to trying to shoot them at a 100 or 200 yards, most shots will be within 20 yards. Being closer to deer like this can be a much more thrilling experience.

Not only will you find yourself closer to deer, but when bowhunting, you'll notice all animals will be closer to you. When focusing on being more still, you will find that you will have all types of animals around you.

3. It becomes an addiction


Deer hunting in general is usually a hobby for most people. But once you pick up a bow and start bowhunting, it becomes much more. It easily turns into an addiction and you will find yourself doing something deer-related at all times of the year.

Running trail cameras, scouting, shed hunting, it will never stop. Bowhunting will soon turn in to much more than just a hobby.

4. Gratification


Walking up on a deer that you harvested with your bow generates a feeling incomparable to anything else. This goes hand in hand with the last reason to pick up a bow.

All the work that goes into a bowhunting season and finally pays off with a big buck on the ground is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Knowing that you put in the work in the summer running cameras and scouting, while many people were at home waiting for gun season will make you never want to put that bow down.

5. Archery itself


Once you pick up a bow, and start bowhunting, you will find yourself shooting your bow all the time. Archery is something that I practice, not only to be efficient when hunting, but because I thoroughly enjoy going outside and shooting my bow. It is a pastime that is enjoyable, and can be very fun, especially when creating competition with friends.

So when thinking about the upcoming deer season, put some thought into picking up a bow, and trying bowhunting for the first time. But be aware, once you do, you almost certainly will be hooked for life.


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5 Reason to Pick up a Bow This Deer Season