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5 Rare Catches You Need to See to Believe

These unusual fish can instantly turn a normal day into something extraordinary!

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1. Opah

three opah caught on a sportboat in southern california

Opah are a treasured fish to catch, their appearance is unique and beautiful, and they are incredible to eat. They are also rare, so rare that they are hard (or impossible) to target specifically. They are usually caught incidentally while tuna fishing off the coast of Southern California.

Check out these three anglers: Armando Castillo, Joe Ludlow and Travis Savala. They managed not just one, but three in one day!

2. Roughtail Stingray


Roughtail stingray live deep, very deep, and that is what makes this fish an unusual catch. This 14-foot, 800-pound ray was caught while shark fishing off the coast of Miami Beach and took about four hours to land.

3. Albino Swell Shark

albino swell shark

A young angler was stumped, and so was the fishing captain, when he caught this weird alien fish while fishing off of Cabo San Lucas. The teen took to the internet for answers, marine biologists were able to confirm that it is an albino swell shark.

4. Pacu


Pacu hail from South America and can be confused with piranha. Their teeth, unlike piranha, are designed for grinding rather than ripping flesh. Pacu teeth are eerily similar to human teeth.

What makes this specific catch so rare is that it happened in a New Jersey lake! It's most likely a result of a fish getting dumped in a nearby lake after outgrowing an aquarium.

5. Louvar

louvar hawaii state world record biggest fish ever caught big huge fishes records largest monster fishing giant size images pictures IGFA lb pound ocean sea saltwater

Louvar, sometimes called pink tuna, are some of the rarest fish ever reported. They are allegedly excellent table fare, but are so rare than not many people can attest to that fact. This very large 225-pound louvar was caught by Capt. Molly Palmer of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Inspiring, isn't it?! Use that to motivate yourself to find out what destinations Fin & Field can help you reach, and you may just reel in something even more rare than these.


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5 Rare Catches You Need to See to Believe