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5 Pre-Hunting Rituals You’ll Want to Try Yourself

Here are five pre-hunting rituals that we always seem to hear about, no matter the hunter. 

Almost all hunters can admit to doing some type of pre-hunt ritual. Before every season we try to do the same thing just like we did the year before, for fear that if one intricate detail is different it could cost us a bag and tag experience.

Some hunters stick with the yearly talk to the Man Upstairs and even others go a little further with rituals most wouldn’t think of doing. Even though these rituals may seem a bit odd to some hunters, other hunters won’t leave the house until the pre-hunt ritual is completed thoroughly.

You may just find yourself trying these pre-hunting rituals before next season.

1. No bathing

This pre-hunt ritual means exactly what it says. No bathing, no showering, and no cleaning up before a hunt. No exceptions. No excuses.

This, in fact, can and may turn a hunter’s spouse for the hills, but hunters who partake in this believe it is completely necessary in order to be successful in a hunt. Some even go as far as not bathing until a successful hunt comes their way. This could mean an entire season of no bathing, depending on how good of a shot you may be.

2. Big prayers

This is a biggie for pre-hunting rituals. We all catch ourselves before a hunt bending God’s ear for a prosperous season. We may not talk to the Big Guy as much all year, but you better believe when the time starts dwindling towards season, we have days where we frequently reach out to Heaven.

3. Picky diets

Two pieces of toast, two eggs, and the heart of last year’s catch. For many the annual pre-hunt meal may not be this meal specifically, but is the same meal every time. Cooked at a precise temp and served on a plate that is as old as time, passed down from generation to generation.

We all may not practice this pre-hunt ritual as much as the next hunter, but that doesn’t mean we don’t whip up our own lucky concoction to elicit a rewarding season.

You yourself may only eat last year’s game the night before season begins. Some hunters have their pre-hunt meal preps down to a science that makes sure all tags are filled.

4. Dirty laundry

I know Scent-A-Way is always a pre-hunt ritual used in my household along with Scent-A-Way Natural Earth to make sure we all are one with our surroundings and invisible to our prey. Along with Scent-A-Way, many hunters have their own twist on masking the natural home scent that inhabits their camo.

Hunters not washing an article of clothing that they wore when they killed game isn’t an unheard-of ritual. Even bloodied clothing never sees the inside of a washing machine for some hunters. Last year’s bloodstains may just lead to this year’s trophy.

5. Sighting in

It is obvious that before every season you should make sure that your weapon of choice is sighted in to dead accuracy. When you’ve made sure that everything is in tip top shape and ready to go you pull out the old weapon you learned to shoot with.

It may have quirks like a cracked stock or a stiff string, but you still know how to shoot it as if it were brand new. As hunters we take pride in our roots and for some hunters,, our pre-hunt ritual involves dusting off the firearm or bow that we used when we first started. It could be your great grandpa’s pistol or a family heirloom recurve bow that takes you back to when you decided to become a hunter.

Many hunters, if not all, make sure that nothing gets in the way of their pre-hunting rituals. We take them seriously even though they may seem strange to others, they are second nature to us and are considered a crucial part of the season.



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5 Pre-Hunting Rituals You’ll Want to Try Yourself