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5-Pound Largemouth Attacked By 50-Pound Snook [VIDEO]

Looks like this 50-pound snook turned the tables on the ol’ bucket-mouth. 

In an incredible Facebook video recorded by Capt-Danny Barrow, a good-sized largemouth bass is smacked around like a baitfish at the mercy of an impossibly huge snook. You can hear Barrow narrating on the video as the scene is unfolding, all in front of his camera.

It’s all over in an instant, so make sure you are watching closely!

It’s not very often that a largemouth, known for explosive strikes and attacking baitfish with reckless abandonment, has the exact same thing happen to it.

Captain Barrow is a full time fishing guide in Eastern Florida. He is also the East Florida vice president of the Florida Guides Association.

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5-Pound Largemouth Attacked By 50-Pound Snook [VIDEO]