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5 Perfect Hunting Bows for Women

The best hunting bows for women are not just bows with pretty colors. They are specifically designed with the needs of women archers in mind.


These ready-to-shoot bows take into consideration a lady’s upper body strength, body characteristics and style preferences. Most come with sights, a stabilizer, string loop or string knock, wrist strap, arrow rest, arrow quiver and noise dampeners.

Since there is little to no assembly required, the lady shooter can simply remove the bow from the packaging, adjust to her preferred draw length and draw weight, knock and arrow and begin adjusting the sights. Within a few minutes, serious practice can begin.

These bows are designed to be very user friendly, so after a reasonable amount of practice they are ready to be taken to the field. In spite of the fact that these bows are designed by and market to women, they shoot so good that men should not rule them out when selecting a bow for themselves.

Check out the slideshow to see the list of the perfect hunting bows for women.


1) Diamond Archery Infinity Edge Luminosity

The Luminosity is fully adjustable. The draw weight adjustments range from 5# to 70# and the draw length can be set from 13-inches to 30-inches. The base bow comes in all black but the purchaser picks the accent colors including red, orange, yellow, purple, pink and blue.

This bow has plenty of power and adjustment for targets, 3-D or hunting. The wide range of adjustments and overall features make this one of the best bows for women.

2) PSE Fever One

This micro-class PSE Fever One bow is designed to fit a smaller framed shooter. It allows for 10-inches and 25# of on-board adjustments to fit the lady shooter like a glove. It shoots plenty fast and flat for any archery interests. It is available in pink skullworks design. The thoughtful design and ease of use make this a best bow for women.

3) Quest Bliss

The Quest Bliss is a serious bow with a machined aluminum frame, pivoting limb pockets and no plastic parts. One of the features that makes it extremely forgiving is the generous 7-inch brace height. The bow has a lifetime warranty. The color is a very cool G-Fade Realtree AP Purple. The high quality with a design influenced by female pro-staff make this one of the best bows for women.

4) Bear Archery Finesse

This is bow features a lightweight riser that keeps the overall weight down to just 3-pounds. The Finesse features a slimline grip and 80% let-off. It comes with premium features such as parallel quad limbs, pivoting limb pockets, positive draw stop single cam and a custom string. The lightweight and reasonable price tag for a lot of features make this one of the best bows for women.

5) Bowtech Carbon Rose

Photo via BowTech Archery

Using some of the best technology in the industry, the Carbon Rose features a forged carbon composite riser, binary cam system, integrated noise dampening and anodized hardware with a violet finish. It has great balance and a weight of 3.2 -pounds. With hardly any noise or recoil this bow still shoots fast and flat with amazing accuracy. The smooth draw, positive back-wall and great features make this one of the best bows for women.

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