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5 Most Outrageous Fishing Videos That Went Uber-Viral [VIDEOS]

Here are some pretty crazy fishing videos that went wildly viral.

Here are all those tall tales of a fisherman, finally backed up with insane video footage. Enjoy!

Viral Video 1: It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Whaddya want for dinner, honey? Trout? Sure…just let me jump in the lake and grab one for ya! This guy rocks the lake, ya’ll.

Viral Video 2: Leggo my Halibut!

This one has gotta be legit! A massive killer whale steals a halibut right under these anglers’ noses! Pretty scary and cool to watch.

Viral Video 3: Giant Catfish takes over the World! (Or just YouTube)

With over 7 million YouTube hits, this one is a keeper! A guy reels in the biggest catfish ever recorded…bigger than Andre the Giant himself!

Viral Video 4: Kraken on a Kayak

Release the Kraken! No, really, PLEASE release this thing! An insanely huge octopus was caught on a kayaker’s line. Over 45 million hits on this gem…hit it baby, one more time!

Viral Video 5: Move over John Cena and Hulk Hogan! This here’s a real wrestler!

So this guy wrestles sharks in from the shore with his bare hands? No big deal – I can do that in my sleep. NOT! This guy is a bad mamma jamma, which is why this video went wicked viral.

So, here’s to YOUR fishing video going viral worldwide! Now get out there and make some news!

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5 Most Outrageous Fishing Videos That Went Uber-Viral [VIDEOS]