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5 Outdoor Forums You Should Bookmark [PICS]

Whether to lurk or to participate, these 5 outdoor forums should be in your favorites list.

Here are some forums that you should be active in if you are a serious outdoorsman. Be part of the conversation.


Where gear is your vice, Rokslide is most definitely your provider. Established by true backcountry hunters that canvas the ridges and valleys that beckon us all, Rokslide is a hub of gear reviews, rumors, and discussions fostered by its staff and participating members.

No stone is left unturned where hunting and camping gear is concerned. Backpack reviews and floorless shelters share thread space with arrow configurations and optics.

The site also boasts a great classified section wherein gear is traded, bought and sold with great attention being given to honesty and quality of goods represented.

Rokslide Forum - Powered by vBulletin

Hunt Talk

Established in conjunction with outdoor television host, Randy Newberg, Hunt Talk stands as an online gathering place for the outdoorsman who desires the public land, DIY experience and the ensuing conversations. Either species or location choice will open a thread of discussion that is sure to satisfy your inquiry.

The quality of discussion and comment found on Hunt Talk is likened to that of an evening around the campfire with your choicest hunting buddies. Tips and tricks, solicited and not, abound in regards to your next public land hunt. There is also a solid grass roots political discussion available where public access is concerned.


Outdoor Basecamp

Summer is upon us and a camping trip is most certainly on the horizon in some form or another. Whether by tent or trailer, a thread on Outdoor Basecamp is sure to address your potential outdoor overnighter to ensure your next camping trip is memorable.

Location recommendations and route suggestions for a wide variety of destinations can be found as subjects here. Take liberty as a forum lurker or join and add your own two cents to ongoing discussions that address all things camping related.

In-Depth Outdoors

Where the Midwest is considered, In-Depth Outdoors should be a go-to discussion site to peruse. In association with the television show by the same name this site breaks down hunting and fishing opportunities found from Canada to the Gulf Coast along the central fly-way.

A unique feature of this forum includes location-specific reviews and tips within each state. If you are looking for input regarding the walleye situation in a specific Nebraska body of water, chances are there is an in-depth forum already dedicated to the topic.

Conversations are spirited and enthusiastic, as they should be, where hunting and fishing the Midwest is concerned.

In-Depth Outdoors

Team Natural Outdoors

Team Natural Outdoors provides an online location for discussions on all things outdoors. If a less formal setting is more your speed, then this group of threads is definitely your thoroughfare.

Member posts include personal pictures and accounts of successful and stymied outdoor experiences. This is a great site to encourage and commiserate or to simply share in outdoor culture and lifestyle we all value.

Take the time to view as an observer or to join and participate with this great group of outdoor centric members that like to keep things satisfyingly simple and pure.


Make your time online more productive by visiting these sites. You will learn so much about the outdoorsmen who share your passions and you may even have your own opinions and tips that would be valuable to someone else.


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5 Outdoor Forums You Should Bookmark [PICS]