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5 New Deer Cartridges That Will Drop Your 2015 Buck [PICS]

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This is a great year for hunters as many ammo companies designed numerous rounds specifically catered to dropping that trophy buck.

Hunters demand the most accurate and hard-hitting performance they can possibly get from the rounds they put into their firearms. They want to know without a doubt that every shot they take is going to drop whatever walks into their sights.

Ammunition manufacturers everywhere are answering the call to give us specially designed ammunition capable of taking on even the biggest bucks on the planet. They are dropping tons of money into designing, testing, and manufacturing the best the can offer.

This year they are setting the bar high as they begin to flood the market with their latest creations.

If you want to make sure that trophy buck goes down and stays down on that first well-placed shot, then you need to try these five new deer cartridges for 2015.

1. Winchester Deer Season XP


Winchester has been quietly working on the Deer Season XP for a few years now. They tested it with their hunters on nearly 200 whitetails to ensure that everything was perfect before releasing it at the 2015 SHOT Show earlier this year.

They designed this round with one thing in mind; taking down big bucks. They optimized it to hit hard, expand fast, and instantly transfer a shocking amount of knock-down power to stop any deer in its tracks.

Their website states, "The Extreme Point bullet features an oversized impact diameter. A bigger diameter means more impact trauma, better energy transfer, and larger wound cavities for faster knock down."

It will be available in .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .270 WSM, 7mm REM Mag, .30-06, .308 WIN, .300 WIN Mag, and .300 WSM.

2. Hornady Full Boar


The Full Boar from Hornady was originally designed for hog hunters, but is perfect for just about any large game animal. If you want something that will literally knock any size buck over this is the round that will do it.

The Full Boar provides deep penetration and extreme 95% weight and uniform retention. They designed it to be used with a wide variety of calibers, including ARs.

It might be a little overkill, but if it will drop a boar in one shot with no problems you're guaranteed to at least mortally wound any deer.

3. Barnes VOR-TX


The Barnes VOR-TX was designed with lethality in mind for quick, humane kills.

They molded grooves into the bullet's shank to allow you the best accuracy and still offer crazy expansion with amazing weight retention. The nose also peels back into four razor sharp pedals on impact to deliver maximum destruction to tissue and bone for one-shot kills every time.

It is available in just about any caliber you can think of for rifles and handguns all the way up to safari loads.

4. Federal Premium .30-30 Copper Vital Shock


The lever action .30-30 is probably one of the most widely used deer hunting calibers ever made. Unfortunately the 120-year-old gun doesn't often get any new styles of ammunition for it anymore.

Federal Premium decided to change that by redesigning the .30-30 cartridge to work with their popular Vital Shock line.

The 150-grain hollow point bullet is fully encased in copper and is accurate beyond 150 yards. It holds its retention very well while delivering excellent expansion on impact.

This new facelift for the .30-30 is going to ensure it keeps being used to drop big bucks for many more years to come.

5. Federal Premium .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Sabot


Federal Premium decided to step up the muzzloading game with their new .50 caliber sabot. Their new B.O.R Lock MZ system loads easier, shoots cleaner, and seats better than traditional sabots before it.

They also added in a little more stopping power with their proven Trophy Copper. The sabots polymer tip hides a hollow cavity that delivers amazing expansion and killing power.

The most interesting feature of the new round is its ability to clean the breech as you load it. A special fiber-reinforced ring on the bottom scours the power residue away as you push it down inside. So not only does it offer quick, clean kills, but a cleaner firearm as well. A win/win if you ask me.

These are only five more reasons to get excited for hunting season this fall. Go out and try some of these new ammunitions; most are sold at the big outdoor retailers like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman's Warehouse and others.

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5 New Deer Cartridges That Will Drop Your 2015 Buck [PICS]