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5 Luxurious Fishing Boats You Can Drool Over

These luxurious fishing boats are sure to make your mouth water and your wallet cringe!

Been dreaming of a fishing boat forever? Is that dream still far away? Start making your list with these choices now!

1 The 46′ Grander by Jarret Bay Boatworks

The 46′ Grander is a true work of art and has earned the top spot on our countdown.

“Demonstrating yet again what “truly custom” boat building is all about, custom hull 61 features some outright bold design choices, including the dark paint and black tower hardware. The result is an aggressively beautiful tactical vehicle that attacks offshore fishing’s status quo.” – Jarret Bay Boatworks

Check out the video of this fantastic fishing machine!

2 The 420LXF by Scout Boats

Ranking close behind the 46′ Grander on our countdown is the 420LXF by Scout Boats.

The 420LXF  is a truly remarkable fishing vessel that takes the details of fine craftsmanship into consideration. You will definitely want to see the walkthrough of this fantastic boat below.

3. The Lodge Edition by Hells Bay

Luxurious Fishing Boat

Going to drop it down a notch in size as we bring you the third boat on our list. A Whipray, Waterman, and Professional series all combine into one bad fishing machine. Hell’s Bay is the original manufacturer of shallow water poling skiffs and continues to compete as one of the top brands in the industry.

Chasing redfishsnook, and tarpon in this boat would be a dream come true. No doubt about it, the Lodge Edition is truly a luxury skiff!

4. The BERTRAM 670 Convertible

Luxurious Fishing Boat

A huge jump in size from our third spot, this beast is one of the finest sport fishing boats on the water today. It features 168 square feet of working space.

Angling features not his thing include a prep area, open sink, cutting table, live-bait stowage, a fish box with removable tub and a stand-up rod stowage cabinet; and that is just a peak at what this beauty has to offer!

5. The Contender 35 LS

According to the Contender team, “Luxury, speed, comfort, and innovation are the only words that can describe the new 35LS.” I would have to say that I completely agree with that statement.

This boat has long been one of the fastest and most widely used tournament boats on the market. It comes with everything a tournament angler needs to win the prize money and much, much more! No doubt the 35LS earned a spot on our countdown.



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5 Luxurious Fishing Boats You Can Drool Over