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5 Less Obvious Must-Haves for the Serious Duck Hunter

Beyond the obvious shotgun, waders, decoys, and shells, here are five must-haves of the serious duck hunter.

Duck hunting can be “gear heavy,” that’s for sure. There are definite necessities, including a reliable shotgun and waders, but we believe there are a few more items that should make your list of duck hunting necessities.

Whether you are a minimalist or a gear junkie, here are five must haves for the next time you hit your favorite duck hole.

Good Gloves

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A man is only as comfortable as his hands are. If your hands aren’t taken care of, then we can guarantee your time in the blind will be miserable.

Invest in some good, high quality gloves to keep your trigger finger from freezing off. Steer clear of cotton and go for neoprene and wool. This will keep your hands warm and also ensure they stay dry while you’re reaching for that dropped shell or picking up those decoys.

Bring along some hand warmers for added comfort.

Hot Coffee

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…or any hot beverage for that matter. Hot coffee can keep you all warm and cozy on the inside, and also serve as an emergency de-icing agent for the frozen action on your shotgun.

Keep a big, warm thermos handy and we promise it will make those long hunts more bearable.


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We’ve all been there. The early flight of birds never showed and that granola bar from 3:00 a.m. is a distant memory for your stomach.

Do you wait it out in hopes of a late morning flight, or do you bail and head for the closest greasy-spoon diner? If you take some good snacks, this question won’t even come up.

Jerky, trail mix, and other easy snacks can put a stop to that mid-morning hunger. Got a little room in the blind? Bring along a camp stove and whip up something hot for the group.

A Retriever

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This may seem like an essential alongside your shotgun, but we aren’t necessarily talking about an AKC registered stud here.

Some of us may not have the time or money to train a world class duck dog, so spring for the next best thing. Got a tall friend that wants to get into duck hunting? Take him along and have him pick up the ducks!

This is also a great use of a youngster in the group. We have all been someone’s retriever at one time or another in life. Pro Tip: The snack maker and retriever should never be the same person for fear of soggy snacks.

Gear Bag

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And last but certainly not least, you need a gear bag. Where else are you going to store all of the junk you drag out into the blind with you?

In all seriousness, a well-organized gear bag can save you a lot of time when trying to keep everything within arm’s reach. Invest in a quality bag with many compartments to hold your shells, spare calls, snacks, license, etc.

We certainly hope you consider adding these five to your list this duck season. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed (or cold and hungry for that matter), if you add some of these this year.


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5 Less Obvious Must-Haves for the Serious Duck Hunter