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5 Last Minute Deer Hunting Supplies For Under $50 [PICS]

Do you have all the deer hunting supplies you need?

You’ve spent all summer gearing up for what you hope will be a successful deer season, and now the season is here. Here are a few last minute things that you can get cheap that will help ensure you have a safe and successful hunt.

1.) Scent Elimination Products


If you haven’t already, the time to take control of your scent is now. The number of brands offering scent-control products, as well as the number of different products they offer, is constantly growing, and the competitiveness of the market is helping keep costs down.

A great place to start is a scent-containment “kit,” like those offered by Dead Down Wind or other manufacturers. Good kits will include field spray, laundry detergent, and a scent free body wash/shampoo. While by no means will these products make you invisible to a deer’s nose they are a great place to start, and they usually retail for less than $30. Buy here.

2.) Base Layers


Nothing can ruin an outdoor experience quite like a poor choice in clothing, and as many hunters know, having the right outfit starts with choosing the right base layers.

Base layers do not only assist in scent control, but can also ensure you have an enjoyable & successful hunt. Layers that are too thick not only restrict movement but can also cause you to sweat, which makes you uncomfortable and more likely to be picked off by a deer’s nose. If you choose base layers that are not heavy enough you run the risk of not staying warm, which can pose a threat not only to your hunt but also to your life.

Base layers are available from countless manufacturers, in various colors and weights, for every type of budget. While many companies sell high priced layers, it’s still possible for the budget-conscious hunter to get the appropriate pieces at prices that are easier to swallow. Many manufactures even include on the packaging what types of conditions various pieces are appropriate for. Try Cabela’s, they are on sale.

Make certain that the base layers you’re buying are appropriate for the type of hunting you’ll be doing. Your life, as well as your hunt, may depend on it.

3.) Bow/Gun Holder

Image via Tim Arnold's Outdoor Shopping Network
Tim Arnold’s Outdoor Shopping Network
Image via Minnesota Archery
Minnesota Archery

One piece of gear that many of us that hunt from tree stands overlook is something to hold our gun or bow. Spending hours in a tree holding something in your hands can actually cause more fatigue that many hunters realize, possibly leading to a missed shot or, even worse, a wounded animal.

There are several types of devices designed to bear the burden of whatever your hunting with. Everything from simple screw-in hooks, to bow holders that attach to your stand,  to multiple arms systems that are infinitely adjustable; the possibilities truly are endless.

While there’s no system that works for every hunter, the good news is that almost all of these systems are within reach of even the most frugal outdoorsman. Get a good one here.

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4.) Wind Direction Indicator


There is perhaps no single factor that determines your hunting success more than how well you “play the wind.” A whitetail’s nose is its most powerful sense, and ensuring that you are invisible is critical to having a successful hunt.

There are several types of products on the market designed to keep you up to date on wind conditions, and almost all of them come in well under our $50 mark. Perhaps the most cost-effective are the powder indicators like the one pictured above. These small bottles can be placed in pocket and used frequently to ensure that the wind is still blowing in your favor. For hunters who tend to be more forgetful, there are some manufacturers who even offer small containers that attach permanently to your gun or bow and are filled with a synthetic fiber that can be pulled out and released, showing wind direction.

Whatever option is right for you, be sure that you don’t get caught on the wrong end of a wind current. Get a bottle from Cabela’s.

5.) Knives


It’s often said that the “fun” of hunting ends when an animal is harvested; after that the real work begins, and there is perhaps no worst feeling in the world than not having the proper tools for the job at hand. Many hunters spend time and money making sure that they are prepared find deer, get close to deer, and make a clean and ethical shot on a deer without giving consideration to what happens after they harvest a deer.

A good knife is key to ensuring a safe, quick, and easy post hunting experience. While it’s easy to spend a ton of money on quality cutlery, it’s relatively easy to find a knife under $50 that is more than adequate for the job at hand. Many knives are built to do more than one job, keeping costs (and things to keep track of) at a minimum. Whatever knife you choose should have a relatively short blade; if you use a blade thats more than a few inches long then you run the risk of unintentionally severing something inside what your cutting, including your own fingers. Buy one here.

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5 Last Minute Deer Hunting Supplies For Under $50 [PICS]