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5 Kinds of Boats and What They’re Used For [PICS]

Here are some cool boats you may not know about.


Boating offers a type of rush and freedom that you don’t find doing other activities. Even if it’s kayaking for fitness purposes or going after the great Florida Marlin, people crave the open ocean. Depending on preference and use, there are many varieties of water craft suitable for everyone, even the sea sick. So if you’re looking for a new hobby or just looking to expand your knowledge of boats, look no further.

If you’re bored of the usual motor/sailing vessel give one of these unique boats a try, they won’t fail to impress.

View the slideshow to see the different kinds of boats.

What’s your favorite type of boat? Tell us about any experiences you’ve had on any of the boats above in the comments below.

Main image via bluebird-electric


Image via 3news

Ranging in size from 20 ft to 130 ft, this Māori watercraft, was primarily used for fishing and traveling short distances. Similar to a modern day straw canoe, some speculate that these boats were first built and used for the great migration from Polynesia to New Zealand. Today, it’s estimated that over 60,000 Maori live in New Zealand, thanks in part to these durable, dependable boats.


Image via skipjack

A skipjack is a sailing vessel used primarily for oyster dredging on the Chesapeake Bay. Because of the restrictions in the state of Maryland regarding the use of powerboats in the bay, the Skipjack has become the main boat for oyster fishing, and is said to be an unprecedentedly pleasurable ride.

Center Console

Image via floridasportsman

This popular single-decked, open hull boat surrounds the console and controls, enabling a person to walk from the bow to the stern easily. Considered an inexpensive fishing favorite, some models even provide a small, yet roomy cabin in which one can spend an overnight stay; usually located below deck. Most center consoles carry an outboard motors. Center consoles range in length from 13 ft to around 45 ft.


Image via nauticexpo

These highly expensive, highly luxurious, super fast powerboats were designed with a long narrow platform and a planing hull. During Prohibition, these boats would aid in the transference of illegal booze, and at the height of the 80s Miami-Drug trade, would be used to smuggle narcotics into the country from larger boats waiting offshore, in international waters or nearby islands. Their incredible speed allowed them to avoid detection by the Coast Guard. If you think back to Miami Vice you’ll remember this amazing boat. From Miami to Havana in 30 minutes… sign me up.

Banana Boat

Image via belmarparasail

This inflatable tow boat is used primarily for good outdoor fun. And as you can tell from the picture above, they’ll turn any frown upside down. Depending on the type, you can find banana boats that accommodate up to ten people, allowing the entire family, even the extended family to hop along for the ride. Usually, these boats are yellow and banana-shaped, hence the name.

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5 Kinds of Boats and What They’re Used For [PICS]