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5 Key Workouts for the Serious Bowhunter

Bow season is well underway throughout most of the country, but it’s not too late to get yourself into shape!

We as bowhunters spend countless hours scouting, shooting, and prepping our gear for the hunt. The funny thing is that many of us likely neglect our most important tool, a tool that can make or break the hunt: Our body!

What good are sharpened broadheads if you cant hold that shot while waiting for that monster to take another step? What good is all that scouting if you’re huffing and puffing a mile into your hike?

Lets be honest. Many of us don’t have a lot of free time between work, family, and our passion for the outdoors. In the fall especially, we spend most every spare minute of that time in the woods, so we likely don’t have an hour or two to spend in the gym.

For those strapped for time, here are five quick and easy workouts designed specifically for those of  use who love the stick and string. With little more than a couple of dumbbells, you can make sure that you are ready for that next bowhunt.

Bent Over Row

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The most basic, yet most effective way to work your back muscles, the bent over row gives you the perfect pull. Your latimus dorsi and posterior deltoid are the key to drawing your bow, and both will get the attention they need in this exercise.

If you’re weak in these areas, you won’t be able to hold that shot. Keep your back flat and the pull controlled for good form. Give bent over rows a try to strengthen these important muscles. Hold a plank between alternating rows for those feeling a little more advanced.

Lateral/ Front Raise Combo


More shoulder work is in order if you want to be your best. A combination of lateral and front raise will strengthen all the way across your shoulders and help fight the “shakes” during a shot.

Keep your weight moderate to light and try not to “swing” in the motion.

Floor/Incline Dumbbell Press


To help with the “pull,” you’ve also got to strengthen the “push.” Dumbbell presses will strengthen not only your chest, but also your triceps. This will make that draw seamless.

Lay flat on your back with your knees up and press just as you would on an bench. For an incline press, incline the bench or simply raise your hips. Alternate arms to place extra emphasis on each side of your chest.

Goblet Squats


Now that we’ve strengthened the “key” groups for drawing a bow, lets take care of the big picture.

Strengthening your legs will help on those long hikes in and climbs up. You’ll also quickly realize that you are working your core, which will help you bend at the waist to make tricky angled shots from above.



Lastly, lets take care of some cardio. Burpees are the “super workout” for getting in some much needed cardio, while also continuing to put pressure on your core.

For an extra challenge, try sets of 10 between each of the above for a major challenge.

These workouts are intended to strengthen both direct and indirect muscles used when bowhunting. With no more than 30 minutes, twice a week, you should be in perfect shape to take on any bow hunting adventure.

The best part is, all of these workouts can be completed in the comfort of your own home with no gym membership required.


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5 Key Workouts for the Serious Bowhunter