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5 Items You Should Take on Your Next Extended Hunting Trip [PICS]

What should you pack for your extended hunting trip?

Whether you’re a spring turkey or fall deer hunter, updating your gear with the latest inventions and technology keeps you ahead of the game. This is especially true for extended trips that span several days.

Check out the following five items to increase your chances for success and maximize the fun on your next hunting expedition.

Broadheads for Arrows


USA Archery reported a 72 percent increase in membership from 2011-2012, mostly due to the movie “The Hunger Games” introducing so many people to the sport. But hunters have embraced the renewable ammunition possibilities bowhunting provides.

Cabela’s has seasonal sales on Muzzy Broadheads typically in the spring and fall. Whether you choose fixed or mechanical blades, keep in mind the trajectory of your arrows will be noticeably different. But your margin of error for shot placement increases and post-shot tracking distances decrease substantially.



Technology has reached the point that hunters have access to precision topographic maps of virtually all private and public hunting land in the USA. HUNT GPS Maps by onXmaps are now accessible via Android and iOS apps. The app provides state-by-state information with the most up-to-date map data where available. The app also provide the names of private landowners, along with water and road data. Downloads are free, while premium subscriptions with additional features are also available.


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.16.00 PM

A few days into any extended hunting trip, your body odor is naturally going to intensify. There’s no way to refresh yourself properly in the field, so the alternative is to mask your smell.

Ozonics is a powerful air purification system that transforms surrounding oxygen molecules into ozone. Those O3 molecules are heavier and more unstable than oxygen. Thus when the unit is mounted above your tree stand or ground blind, it grabs the atoms containing your scent and neutralizes them. The fan is very quiet and works in both cold and warm climates. The Ozonics HR-200 system sells for around $400.

Buck 110 Folding Knife


Knives are getting more high-tech every year. But the Buck 110 has been one of the best all-purpose knife options since it was first introduced in 1963. Its 3 3/4-inch blade is made of 420HC steel that is both corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. Loyalists frequently praise their Buck 110s after owning them for several decades without any major issues.

The official website sells them for around $80, but if you look around for deals, Buck 110s can be had for around $50.

Transformer Huntpod Stand


Your favorite hunting spots are typically dictated by the number of tall, sturdy trees in the area for you to set up your stand. The Transformer Huntpod is a portable 9′ stand that sets up in just a few minutes. It folds down to 7′ long so it fits in most truck beds for easy transport. The mesh platform and steel construction have a weight capacity of 300 pounds for those packing a little extra around the gut.

They sell for $299 on the Hawk website (well worth it when you can create the perfect tree stand anywhere you want, without the tree), but you can usually find them for about $270 if you look around.

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5 Items You Should Take on Your Next Extended Hunting Trip [PICS]