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5 Innovative Pieces of Shooting Gear You Wish You Thought Of

There are the items of shooting gear that give us inspiration.

If you’re like me, then guns and gear are pretty much on your mind every minute of the day.

Unfortunately not all of the shooting gear out there is perfect at doing what it says it’ll do. Every once in a while a product will come out that totally blows our minds and has us banging our heads against the wall, wishing we had thought of it first.

Here are five great pieces of equipment that are well worth checking out.

Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

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A long day at the range or training course means a lot of reloading magazines. Think about how long it takes to load up a 30 round AR-15 magazine.

The Caldwell AR Mag Charger not only saves you a bunch of time but keeps your thumbs protected. Simply dump a 50 round box of .223/5.56 into the corresponding holes, insert an empty magazine and push the plunger to send five rounds in. You’ll quickly be able to load magazines about 100 times faster than the traditional way of loading each round individually.

SIRT AR Laser Training Bolt


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Practice makes perfect, right? Because of the rules at your local range, you probably aren’t allowed to do all of the cool Magpul training drills. Thankfully I stumbled up on an AR bolt from SIRT, the same folks that came out with the red Glock training pistols.

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This unique device replaces your existing bolt carrier group with a polymer unit that when you pull the trigger shoots a green laser out of the muzzle. Unlike other laser cartridges that are placed inside the barrel, the SIRT AR laser bolt lets you do follow up shots without having to pull the charging handle after every shot to cycle the trigger. Overall it’s an awesome way to practice weapons manipulation with your AR-15 from the comfort of your home.

Bullseye Camera System


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Long range rifle shooters will certainly like this product. Gone are the days of peering through a spotting scope to see your shot placement on distance shots. The Bullseye camera system is built around a wireless camera that you set up downrange at your target and software or an app for your phone.

Fire your shot out to a mile and this system gives you immediate visual proof of where your shot hit via the streaming video. The whole kit can be installed in less than one minute and requires no cell or Internet service to operate.

Brass Wizard by UNIQUETEK

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If you reload then you know one of the worst parts of the process is picking up the brass from the range. This is especially true if you’re collecting brass at an outdoor range or sportsmen’s club.

The Brass Wizard is kind of like a Swiffer for brass. No matter what the ground is, grass, dirt, sand or any hard surface, the steel cage will grab ahold of any brass you roll over. The adjustable handle and quick release steel cage turn one of the worst reloading chores in to one of the best.



Image via Radetec

When knowing how many rounds you have left in your pistol magazine is of utmost importance, the LED Advisor by RADETEC has you covered.

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With help from a small LED indicator, you can quickly know when a reload is coming up. This is especially important in a tactical situation where the last thing you want is to run out of ammo in a gun fight. One of the coolest features is the brightness of the LED automatically adjusts to your environment to avoid lighting yourself up in the dark.

Now before you beat yourself up wishing you came up with this shooting gear, head to the comment section below and let us know which one is your favorite!

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5 Innovative Pieces of Shooting Gear You Wish You Thought Of