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5 Innovative Pieces of Fishing Gear You Need in the Arsenal

The following list outlines five fishing gear innovations that have made fishing what it is today.

Fishing gear has come a long way. The advancements in materials, designs, durability and effectiveness would blow our grandfathers away.

Check out the top five innovations of the lastest and greatest fishing gear, and let us know if we missed anything int he comments below.

5. Treble Hook


Long gone are the days of missing a fish because your hook was in the wrong position. Today’s lures come equipped with multiple treble hooks to ensure every strike could seal the deal. To be clear, treble hooks aren’t suitable in each fishing situation, such as when fishing in vegetated water, but when the opportunity presents itself, anglers should employ the use of the treble hook because it greatly increases the odds of hooking a fish. The treble hook is popular when fishing top water and must be in the arsenal of fishermen the world over.

4. Depth Finder


How important is sonar? Let’s put it this way: Few devices have changed fishing from a commercial or recreational perspective in the way the depth finder has. Having the ability to accurately map underwater structure, sea floor terrain, and even pinpoint schools of fish is indeed a valuable asset. A capable depth finder can do all this and more. Today’s fishing rigs are incomplete without one of these bad boys.

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3. Braided Line

The Fishing Reel For Fishing Isolated Over White

Distance, strength, and sensitivity. These are three of the top benefits you will get when you tie braided line onto your reel. Sure, there are situations when using a trusty monofilament (and even flourocarbon) will win out. With a high quality braided line, though, you’ll be able to get more distance out of your cast, a better strength to diameter ratio, and less stretch when feeling for a hit or setting the hook.

2. Rod Holder

boat fishing trolling in deep blue sea with rods and reels

This simple device brings new meaning to the notion fishing is the most relaxing past time. With even the simplest versions of the rod holder, anglers can multi-task with greater ease. Some rod holders are attached to boats or docks, while others are just stuck into the ground. A rod holder enables fishermen the opportunity to wet a hook while they focus on something else, or nothing at all. And therein lies the beauty: a rod holder is a great innovation because it makes the sport easier and more efficient.

1. Alabama Rig


Hands down, this has to be one of the biggest game changers to hit the fishing world in long time. With the ability to essentially cast five lures at once, it’s no wonder this strategic bait casting system has been discontinued from use in BASS and other tournaments. Is it really fair to cast a school of shad at unsuspecting fish? Perhaps not if money is on the line, but it can sure be fun for the angler!

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5 Innovative Pieces of Fishing Gear You Need in the Arsenal