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5 of the Most Inane Anti-Hunting Bumper Stickers Ever [PICS]


These 5 anti-hunting bumper stickers will make you cringe.

Anti-hunters are no strangers to saying vulgar comments about the hunting community, but these anti-hunting bumper stickers will leave you puzzled. They can be quite contradictory.

1. Real Men Don't Kill Defenseless Animals. 

Real Men Dont Hunt - Bumper Sticker
Cafe Press

The logic behind this bumper sticker is hypocritical. Is this what anti-hunters really think?

Hunters don't kill "defenseless animals" out of cold blood, but rather to fill the freezer. If the argument had to be made, the real defenseless animals would include the animals in a slaughter house.

2.There are no hunting accidents. It's called karma.

Hunting Accidents Bumper Sticker
Cafe Press

This bumper sticker is simply absurd. To think that some individuals would actually put this on their car is horrible, let alone have that thought.

3. PETA- Pay Back is Hell

peta bumper sticker

This image was created in relation to a Washington hunting incident when a "bear turned the tables on a hunter and showed him what it's like to be hunted."

I can understand advocating for better treatment of animals across the board, but this malicious propaganda is unnecessary.

4. Go Into the Woods...

Cafe Press

This sticker is a little more kind-hearted than the previous bumper stickers, but even cavemen used "unfair" tactics to have an advantage over the animals they were hunting.

5. Hunt Each Other, Leave the Animals Alone.


How can anti-hunters be so radical when protecting animals but they wish death and harm upon other humans? Seems a bit contradictory.

I've never seen any of these bumper stickers on the road, but I would bet these vulgar messages are proudly displayed on some vehicles out there.

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5 of the Most Inane Anti-Hunting Bumper Stickers Ever [PICS]