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5 Impressive Antler Collections to Inspire Your Shed Hunting

Shed antler season is among us, and here is a little inspiration from the most impressive antler collections out there. 

Shed antlers are the gold currency of late winter and spring. Hunters across the nation cumulatively put thousands, if not millions, of miles on their boots during the magical time of shed season.

1. Jim Philips Montana antler collection

shed antlers 2

Jim Phillips has been shed hunting for over 50 years. This impressive collection is compromised of 14,500 sheds displayed from floor to roof inside a 30 by 64 foot building. He claims to have found every single one.

2. Antler Man

shed antler 1
Antler Man

This shed collection is impressive as it gets. I don't see a lot of walking space, but who care when you have that many antlers.

3. Incredible day in the field

shed collection
Mike Hanback

Did this guy have a legendary day shed hunting, or an even better day of finding antler sellers? How much are shed antlers worth? The going rate this year so far is $8 per pound.

4. Shed obsession

Shed Antler Collection
Dusty Images

These folks at Mystery Ranch found nearly 300 sheds in just one weekend. I'm not sure about you, but I want to go to that ranch.

5. Impressive antler collection

shed 5
Antler Man

This picture is also from Antler Man and shows an impressive collection that's neatly organized. With that many antlers, it's a legitimate challenge.

These 5 impressive shed antler collections should inspire to strap up your boots and head for the woods and fields. Shed hunting can be a great time to get out and beat cabin fever.

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5 Impressive Antler Collections to Inspire Your Shed Hunting