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5 Ice Fishing Tips to Get You Started Out

Use these tips to make your hard water fishing more successful.

Ice fishing is a great way to catch your limit.

However it can also be a great way to waste a day and not catch anything. Use these tips to better your odds this winter.

1. Pre-Bait your holes

Ice Fisher With Ice Auger

Where it is legal, this is a great idea to throw some bait down as chum. Use this technique with baits like spawn and others that will sink. This works as an added attractant to draw fish to your location.

2. Move

Why spend time in a spot that is not producing? You wouldn't do that in a boat, so why would you just sit in one spot ice fishing?

Don't be afraid to move and try varying depths. If I go about 20 minutes without a bite, I move to another hole.

3. Pre-Drill

As I mentioned above, you are going to want to move. This will require you to drill holes and sometimes a lot of holes. The noise of an auger can and will spoke fish, especially when fishing shallow.

Drill several holes that you may want to use and let them sit or drop in some chum. Come back to them later as the fish return.

4. Use light tackle

Ice Fishing

You aren't pulling bass out of weeds, so two to four pound test is all you need.

This will help with the presentation of the bait and keep finicky fish from noticing. Same with your jigs, you can use a hook that is too big to fit in the fishes mouth.

5. Tungsten

If you are fishing with baited jigs and haven't already switch to tungsten. These jigs drop faster and require less setup. No need to use a heavy weight to find the bottom and reset your bait all the time.

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5 Ice Fishing Tips to Get You Started Out