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5 Hunting Stereotypes We’ll Bust Once and for All

hunting stereotypes
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There are a lot of hunting stereotypes and biases about hunters. Let’s dispel these harmful myths and stereotypes once and for all.

Hunting stereotypes, often perpetuated by biased media and anti-hunting organizations make every effort to give hunters a bad rap. The fact is, hunters care more and put more money into preserving wildlife and habitat than any other segment of our population, without much credit.

1. All hunters are beer-drinkin’ rednecks.

To think that all hunters are drunken rednecks driving around in a beat-up Chevy (or Ford, pick a truck!) shootin’ street signs and tossing beer cans out the window is ridiculous. Frankly, if you promoted this outlandish stereotype about other segments of our population, you’d quickly be labeled a racist, bigot, etc.

The truth is, many people, especially in the west, hike miles per day in rugged terrain.

For example, my buck in 2015 was shot slightly over two miles from my truck in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness.

2. It’s a rich man’s sport.

Hunting doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive. You don’t need the best rifle or the top-of-the-line camo, though they can make hunting life more comfortable. After all, our grandparents’ generation often killed deer in plaid with iron sights.

All you truly need it a trusty weapon, sturdy boots, a license and tag, and time to scout.

That’s not to say other purchases won’t improve your chance of success, such as trail cameras, private land lease, guide, etc.

3. We’re just out there just to kill animals.

Ultimately, one of the goals is to bring home meat, yes. However, hunting is just as much about the experience of the outdoors, time with family and friends, watching nature, and disconnecting from busy life.

Many of my fondest memories of hunting trips are not the kills.

4. Hunters and poachers are one and the same.

False. Hunters are law-abiding citizens engaged in an activity that is part of conservation as we know it, sanctioned the local and national governments. Poachers are criminals, period.

5. Trophy hunters are decimating wildlife

This video by CollegeHumor is an easily digestible and fact-based breakdown of why trophy hunting actually helps endangered wildlife.

‘Nuff said.


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5 Hunting Stereotypes We’ll Bust Once and for All