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5 Hunting Mistakes Everyone Has Trouble Avoiding

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After a long off season of buck fever it is hard not to fall for these hunting mistakes!

Well, folks, deer season is right around the corner; and, trust me, you don’t want to make these hunting mistakes. These words of wisdom could help you seal the deal on opening day.

1. Trusting in internet fairy

I get it, you have researched all year long and spent hours reading articles about the techniques they used to kill the biggest whitetail in Kentucky last year. Only problem is you live in hot Central Florida and those specific rules just don’t apply to you in the same way.

If you want to dig up local dirt on how to hunt the back 40 of your neighbor’s acreage, the solution is easy. Ask your neighbor’s grandpa and he will tell you all about it. Stick to asking the locals for helpful information. If you can’t find them, hang out in the hunting section at the Big K-Mart the week before opening day and see if you don’t run into every single one of them.

2. Heading back to the truck for lunch and siesta

As good as this sounds. It could cost you everything. Let me tell you a little story.

About two bowseasons ago, I was sitting in my stand all morning and had only seen one doe. It was now lunch time and I could hear other hunters climbing down the pine trees about 200 yards behind me. I knew they were heading back to the truck for lunch or even calling it a day.

Not 10 minutes after they left, a big ol’ 8 point came right through their area and headed straight for me. Sucks to be the guy that chose a cold coke and a PB&J over an 8 point on opening day. Solve the problem and get a camo wrap on your Yeti Tumbler and stay in your stand.

3. Hunting directly on top of scrapes and rubs

Finding big rubs and scrapes while scouting is extremely exciting. I know. Trust me, I get fired up dreaming about a monster buck rubbing his rack on those rubs also. But unfortunately setting up on top of those will rarely land you that monster you ware hoping for.

Studies are pretty clear that mature bucks tend to use those rubs and scrapes at night. If you set up a few hundred yards off the rubs or scrapes, you have better chance of encountering that big boy at either first light or just before dark.

4. Moving your stand after a few days of no deer

Now this one can be really, really tough not to do. We all want to bag a big buck in the first few days of the season. However, that is often not the way things go down. After a few days of not seeing the a mature deer most hunters decide to move their stand or try another area altogether.

My advice in this scenario is to trust your scouting efforts – that’s assuming you actually scouted. Sitting tight, even if it is for a few slow days in the stand can pay of big time in the long run.

5. Granddad’s stand, or hunting the same area year after year

Where I come from, this is something I see a lot of. It is almost like the woods are sectioned off into claimed territories that certain families have hunted in for generations. Sure, you might be able to bag a deer here and there out of your g-pops’ stand every now and then. I don’t doubt that. But it is certainly not the way to approach finding mature deer. Put in some time on the ground scouting and looking for deer sign. Trust that information and go for the gold.

I hope this list of hunting mistakes helps you put together a tight plan for this next deer season. Stay focused and happy scouting!



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5 Hunting Mistakes Everyone Has Trouble Avoiding