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5 Hunting Bucket List Items You Can Cross Off This Season, with Tips on How

We all know it’s that time of the year, so go get your bucket and get ready to load it up! There’s no excuse not to cross these totally achievable items off your list this season.

Want to accomplish it all this season? If you’re a practical hunter, you know that’s pretty much impossible, so you set your sights on the things you can actually get done.

But, if you give it a little extra effort and planning, you can work your way through a checklist like this one, full of achievable goals that you’ll remember for a long time.

Hop in your truck, get to where you need to be, and take care of these awesome hunting bucket list items.

1. Donate some game meat

This is a deeply thoughtful way to round out your identity, and experience, as a hunter. NRA Explore maintains an interactive map to lead you in the direction of game meat donation centers. Hunt for the Hungry is also a fantastic organization based in Wisconsin, while has a network for Texan hunters to donate their game.

2. Introduce an adult to hunting

If you take your kids, nieces and nephews, or grandkids hunting, kudos! It’s a wonderful thing to do. But chances are, you also know a few grown-ups who have never been hunting and don’t want to intrude by asking someone to take them.

Be the person to extend that offer, and whether the other person ends up hunting regularly or not, you may find that you form a valuable friendship based on your willingness to feed someone’s curiosity. (Bonus points if it’s someone who’s a little on the fence).

3. Hunt somewhere you’ve never been


It doesn’t have to be giraffe in Africa. How about waterfowl in Arkansas? A large proportion of Mississippi Flyaway Mallards winter in Arkansas, and as a result, many waterfowlers speak highly of their experiences there.

Another perhaps unexpected place is New Jersey, where about 100,000 black ducks spend the winter in the salt marshes. However, don’t let their abundance fool you: black ducks are notoriously difficult to bag.

None of these new places need to be far enough away to pass up a chance to take a Ram truck to the backroads of the U.S., and check off a major hunting bucket list item.

4. Cook and eat your harvest while in the field.

teepee smoke meatCatch-‘n’-cook fishing is popular. Fewer people can say they’ve hunted, cooked, and eaten their game all without going indoors. One of our favorite ways to do this is the classic Teepee smoke, pictured above (see this page for more details). You can also watch the video below for a step-by-step guide.

Finally, if all these items are already sitting neatly in your bucket, accomplished and collected…

5. Experience a horseback hunt.

This is one of the most strenuous and demanding things you can do as a hunter, but the high you feel when you harvest that elk is like nothing else in the world. Pursuing game you may already have experience with on horseback can be more satisfying than just pursuing something exotic (which is what many hunters think of when they make a bucket list).

In many states, including Colorado and Montana, you can find a variety of guided horseback hunting opportunities. Plus with your Ram?s 5-Year/100,000-Mile Diesel Powertrain Limited Warranty*, you can plan a trip anywhere in the country.

*Based on Light-Duty Pickup Segment. See your dealer for complete details and a copy of the 5-Year/100,000-Mile Diesel Powertrain Limited Warranty.


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5 Hunting Bucket List Items You Can Cross Off This Season, with Tips on How