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5 Holster Options to Consider Over Traditional Holster Models

When it comes to holsters, everyone has their personal preference.

Has that traditional holster left you wishing for something else? These 5 holster options might be a better match for you than a traditional style holster if you're looking for a change.

1. The 5.11 Holster Shirt

When your holster is actually a shirt, you get this option. This product touts more comfort and easy concealment.

2. Daltech Belly Band Holster.

Fate of Destinee takes a look at this belly band holster and gives it a thorough workout. There is a model for men and a model for women.

3. The Flashbang Holster.

Sorry fellow guys, this one is only for the ladies. This holster allows the user to use an already worn garment to help conceal a pistol. This lady certainly is not printing her pistol and is pulling off the concealed carry perfectly.

4. The good ol' ankle holster.

This old school proven holster has been a favorite to conceal back up handguns for police officers for decades. It still holds a good spot in the concealed carry world. Word of warning, be sure to practice with this style of carry to be ready as your ankle is quite a ways from your drawing hand.

5. The Urban Carry Holster.

This covert style of carry allows the user to carry a handgun below the waistline. It also is a very secure holster that will hold your handgun even during rigorous movements.

Weapon retention while chasing down the bad guys while wearing an Urban Carry Holster is not going to be an issue.

There you have it. Five holster options that are unlike any traditional holster you are used to. Mix up your holster choices and be well-armed in any weather and in any dress occasion.


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5 Holster Options to Consider Over Traditional Holster Models