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5 Holiday Buys for the Concealed Carrier [PICS]


You came to the right place for the CCW holder on your shopping list.

Still shopping for that person who's impossible to buy for? Yeah, me too. What do you get the person who has everything they need? Get them something that they didn't know they needed. Here are my five holiday buys for that concealed carry holder in your life.

1. A Dependable Holster

Northwest Firearms

Galco King Tuk- The name may sound like something from a history book, but this holster is awesome. Make sure you purchase the correct firearm variant for the gun your person carries. There are plenty to choose from. This holster has a thick leather back, strong Kydex frame, flattened metal clips, and heavy rivet fastening. This is a great holster and has many options to choose from.

2. Tactical Belt

5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical Traverse Double Buckle Belt- A good belt is central to the carry array. Too many times people try to use belts that are too flimsy or don't have the endurance to hold up a firearm all day. This belt is made of thick, high quality nylon and has a very strong fastening system. Keep your loved one's pants from falling down this holiday season with this great buy.

3. Tactical Light


Streamlight TLR-3- Statistically you are more likely to find yourself in a self-defense scenario at night. Make sure that your loved one can see their target. I like the TLR-3 because it's small, bright, and fits on any standard Picainny rail on the front of a firearm.

4. Ammo

Mouse Gun Addict

Hornady Critical Duty- It's wintertime and if found in a self defense scenario, insure that your loved one can shoot through several layers of clothing. Hornady Critical Duty ammunition has a special Teflon tip that keeps the bullet from getting obstructed by materials such as clothing or window glass. These are fantastic rounds that military, police, and even I carry in my person firearm.

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5. Concealed Carry Jacket


511 Tactical Big Horn Jacket- This is not the first time something from 511 Tactical has made it the list. I love anything these guys make and their Big Horn Jacket is no exception. It is made of thick nylon shell, a removable inner lining, and with pockets everywhere for holding a firearm. The concealed carrier on your list will be warm and safe this holiday and winter season.

A lot of times people over look these essential items. Take charge, fill up the space under your tree, and bring smiles to the ones in your life that keep your family safe. These gift ideas are affordable, can be mailed to your house, and you don't have to go through a background check to get them (I hope my mom is reading). Have a great holiday season and new year.

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5 Holiday Buys for the Concealed Carrier [PICS]