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5 Guys vs 1 Huge Alligator [VIDEO]

A huge alligator gives these guys the fight of their lives.

While gator hunting the Kissimmee River in Fla., Robert Arrington hooks a whopper.

Watch this clip to see how these guys finally landed this huge alligator.

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Florida has a history of producing some huge alligators, and this one is no exception.

It takes five guys equipped with two fishing rods, one crossbow with an alligator head, a harpoon and a bangstick to land this huge alligator.

This successful hunt earned the hunters a pile of gator meat, a tanned hide, a mounted skull and a memory to last a lifetime. Thanks to the excellent camera work, they can relive the hunt whenever they want.

Congratulations on the huge alligator, guys. Keep the videos coming.

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5 Guys vs 1 Huge Alligator [VIDEO]