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5 Gun Myths Hollywood Wrongly Taught Us

Find out if you’ve been believing the wrong gun myths you learned from movies.

Movies have taught people a lot about guns, but sometime the information is skewed.

In this video, WatchMojo will prove five gun myths wrong, even if they’re ones you may have picked up from the silver screen.

In case you missed it here are the gun myths that have been proven wrong in this video.

5. Bullets can still hit you through the water. Well, the density of water makes accuracy hard underwater, depending on which rounds you are using.

4.  Cars are bulletproof. In fact, the only bulletproof part of the car is the engine.

3. Bullets cause things to explode. Actually, they rarely create sparks on impact and this usually not hot enough to create an explosion.

2. Bulletproof vests will stop anything. Well, it depends on the bullet, but some ammo shot out of specific firearms have been known to break through body armor.

1. Silencers make guns super quiet. Actually, silencers only reduce part of the noises that make gun shots loud.

Now that these gun myths have been dispelled, spread the word and tell your friends to never believe what they see in movies.


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5 Gun Myths Hollywood Wrongly Taught Us