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5 Gun Gear Items I Just Can’t Live Without

By Sara Tipton via The Truth About Guns

Every gun owner has his or her preferred tools and gear. I certainly have mine. Things that make my life as an gun owner a little easier or just a little more fun. Here are a few of my favorite things, stuff without which I'm not sure how I'd get by . . .

5. Hoppe's #9



The one. The classic. This is the solvent I'll always use. It works well and like so many others, I really rather enjoy the aroma of Hoppe's. This is what I was taught to use to clean a gun with when I was younger and the scent will always elicit happy memories. It just smells like "gun".  I find myself admiring the fragrance of Hoppe's much like I admire the smell of cosmoline.

4. BoreSnake

A BoreSnake makes cleaning my AR infinitely easier. I hadn't tried one until I randomly picked one up from Cabela's. It's faster and efficient. I use it with -- of course -- Hoppe's #9 (see above).  I now have a BoreSnake in almost every caliber for every gun I own.

3. Laser Boresight

Another item I didn't know I needed until I tried it. It was a gift, actually, and it is amazing. I have one for my .223 rifles and it's quite a bit more accurate than even the package insert claims. It states that once bore-sighted, you'll be on paper at 100 yards. I definitely achieved that ... and am pretty sure it would do the trick out the 150 yards or so. It's extremely easy to use with my green dot sight on my AR-15.

2. Belly Band

The belly band is, so far, the best way I have found as a smaller woman to conceal a  firearm.  I do have to wear a looser top, but I can carry a decent-sized weapon and do so comfortably in most clothes with my belly band underneath. It will hold a revolver or semi-automatic securely and is really easy to use. Obviously not for use while wearing a dress.

1. Tackle Box

I know this is a bit unconventional -- or maybe not -- but I use a large fishing tackle box to keep my tools for my guns in. I keep my speed loaders in it, rags, the boresight, BoreSnakes, and toothbrushes for cleaning. I have snap caps, wrenches, and spare screws in there. It holds my solvents, lubricants, and spare parts for things like my Streamlight flashlight on my AR.

Those are my five faves. What are yours?

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5 Gun Gear Items I Just Can’t Live Without