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5 Gun Accessories You Should Buy Immediately After Your First Gun

Eagle 1 Supply

You've made the big purchase, now it's time to pick up these five important gun accessories ASAP.

First and foremost, congratulations on purchasing your first gun!

Now, let's get to the important stuff: what gun accessories you need to pick-up as soon as possible. Whether you're a pistol shooter, deer hunter, or enjoy shooting sporting clays, having the right gun accessories available to you at all times will make shooting your new gun more exciting.

1. High Visibility Targets

gun accessories, targets, shoot n c
Birchwood Casey

After you purchase your first gun, you're going to want to spend as much time at the shooting range as possible and there is nothing worse than shooting at a plain piece of paper. Not only are regular range targets boring, but they also make seeing your shots difficult.

It's a great idea to pick-up a package of high visibility targets, like the Shoot-N-C targets from Birchwood Casey. Whether you're shooting a pistol at close range or a rifle at 100 yards, these super-bright targets make sighting in a breeze.

2. Gun Case

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It's no secret that owning a firearm isn't a cheap hobby, and you're going to want to protect your new purchase for a lifetime of use. Long gun or pistol, keeping your new gun in a protective case is going to ensure that your firearm remains safe from being dropped or scratched, and that your optic remains zeroed.

Some of the most trusted cases used by shooting enthusiasts around the world are made by Pelican Products. Built with tough gaskets, high density foam and heavy duty exteriors, these cases are worth every penny.

3. Gun Cleaning Kit

gun accessories, otis cleaning systems
Otis Technology

Keeping your gun free of dirt, gun powder, and oil will ensure that it functions as good as the day that it was built. Though it's always a good idea to own some universal cleaning products, make sure that you also have a cleaning kit for your exact caliber, as you'll want to keep the inside of the barrel as clean as possible between time out at the range or in the field.

Otis Technology makes some of the finest compact gun cleaning kits around and they won't take up precious room in your pack. With flexible cables and all of the correct brushes stored in one compact case, there's no reason to ever leave it at home.

4. Quality Scope Rings

Warne Scope Mounts, Scope rings, gun accessories
Warne Scope Mounts

If you're shooting a shotgun or rifle, investing in a high quality set of scope rings will be the best way to make sure your optic stays solid. Scope rings are the single point of contact between your firearm and the optic, therefore having the right size is going to help to keep your optic in place shot after shot.

A great example of a rock-solid set of scope rings are the Quick Detach Rings from Warne Scope Mounts. They're extremely tough and feature a quick detach system for easy installation.

5. Comfortable Gun Sling

gun accessories, avery outdoors, shotgun sling
Avery Outdoors

Not only will you want to purchase a comfortable sling for carrying your gun in and out of the woods, but gun slings are also a great way to steady yourself for long distance shots. Whether you're looking for a polished leather sling deer season or a neoprene came sling for the duck blind, the folks at Cabela's have you covered with a wide assortment of slings to make carrying your gun super easy.

Don't forget to make sure your new gun has a set of swivels to attach your sling!

Now that you own your first gun and all of the right accessories that go along with it, head out to the range and get familiar with everything. Be sure to bring plenty of shells with you, as there's nothing worse than running out of ammunition when trying to sight in your new gun.

Good luck and happy shooting!

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5 Gun Accessories You Should Buy Immediately After Your First Gun