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5 Great Instagram Accounts for Fishing Freaks [PICS]


If you love fishing, these great Instagram accounts are for you. 

Instagram is turning into the social media platform of choice for the artsy outdoorsman. Various accounts feature beautiful outdoor photos from all over the world for you to enjoy and hopefully double tap for a "like."

These accounts are some of the best.


FlyLords provides the best fly fishing photos you will find on Instagram. Pictures like the one seen below are commonplace. These guys are an obvious choice for one of the few great Instagram accounts that you should be following today.


YnotOutdoors features photos submitted by anglers from all over the world. If you have a good pic, tag them in your photo and just watch what happens.


The Daily Catch has a name that works. They show off some of the best fishing pictures found on Instagram, every day. If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you are most likely following them already. If not, you should be.


If you like to fish and have an Instagram account, then you hopefully already know fishingdaily. They have one of the highest follow rates of all fishing sites and get tagged by fishermen all over the planet.

Fishingdaily has earned this reputation; they have photos that will make your jaw drop.


Just as the name implies, fishingpicoftheday has pics every day. These pics are pretty epic, as seen in the photo below. Tag this account in your photos to be featured, or just to see what everyone else is catching all over the world.

These were our picks for a few great Instagram accounts. Did we get them right, or do you have a better idea?

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5 Great Instagram Accounts for Fishing Freaks [PICS]