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5 Frog Lure Modifications Perfect for Catching More Bass

These frog lure modifications will help you land more bass, guaranteed.

Use these frog modifications to do more with your hollow belly frogs. Your favorite hollow body frog will work right out of the package. Take it out, tie it on and you are good to go. However, there are some things you can do to get more out of your frogs and catch more bass.

1. Trim your legs


This little move will ensure that your frog "walks" much better. There are frogs on the market sold with little to no legs but you can do it with any frog. Use scissors to trim them as short as you like down to the body.

The trick is to have one leg slightly shorter to increase your frog's ability to walk side to side. This hollow body frog modification will allow you to fish a frog in more places.

2. Add some noise


Adding rattles to bass lures is nothing new, but adding them inside of a frog really helps catch more bass. Bass waiting for frogs are often deep underneath matted vegetation.

They may need a little extra help to find their meal. Besides rattles, you can also add craft bells to sound the dinner bell to the bass.

3. Changing or upgrading your hook


Most frogs on the market already come with solid hooks, but they can go dull after multiple fish catches. Changing a hook to a Gamakatsu EWG Double Frog Hook is a solid replacement for cheap hooks and also a way to replace old, worn-out hooks.

It takes a little patience your first time, but hook change gets easier after you have done it once.

4. Add a trailer hook


Commercially available frog-trailer hooks are a relatively new product. Bass fishing with frogs is a technique notorious for missed fish.

Adding a trailer hook definitely helps with hookups. The downside is more grass and scum on your trailer hook.

5. Change a color

20160705_133925 (1)

The last of the five frog modifications is done with the help of a marker. Tone down your bright color or add some stripes.

These will make your frog stand out (or blend in), and the good news is that the paint will come off with the help of rubbing alcohol.


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5 Frog Lure Modifications Perfect for Catching More Bass