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5 Fishing Apps Your Smartphone or Tablet is Useless Without

If fishing apps are what you're after, get a load of these picks.

2. Marine&Lakes

One piece of gear that's included in just about every fishing trip these days is a smartphone. Attached to many hips, these gadgets have adjusted the way we do everyday things, as well as the way we enjoy out door pursuits.

By that we mean fishing apps, of course.

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Check out this list of five fishing apps you need to have, and be sure to share any omissions you think we overlooked.

View the slideshow to see the suggested fishing apps.

1. Animated Fishing Knots

This is one of our favorite fishing apps on the iPhone (and one of the most universally useful fishing apps, period). Created by the John Sherry Sports Company and offered on the Apple app store for just $0.99, Animated Fishing Knots is well worth the price of admission. With comprehensive and accessible instructions for how to tie 52 of the best and most widely used fishing knots in the world, this app can be a welcome tool and a helpful companion for anglers with virtually any level of fishing experience under their belt.

2. Marine&Lakes

For several years now, Navionics has been producing some of the most reliable and bestselling lake-mapping mobile device tools. The company makes sure to keep on top of their maps, providing updates regularly, and taking user and community input into account.

This app - available both in U.S. and Canada and United States only versions - provides detailed nautical charts that provide every angler, boater, or water sports enthusiast with the GPS information they need to chart a route, navigate changing tides and weather patterns, and generally find their way while navigating the waters.

3. Deep Sea Angler

The Deep Sea Angler app ($0.99) is primarily meant for use in saltwater conditions - perhaps an obvious fact given its title - but can also be helpful for anglers who primarily dwell in freshwater areas.

The app boasts a simple interface that inquires the user about various different fishing conditions, including location (offshore, open sea, surface, structure), wind condition (calm, light breezy), skies condition (clear, cloudy, heavy), water condition (clear, hazy, murky) and time of day (dawn, daytime, dusk, night), and then uses that information to offer pointers that anglers can use to steer themselves toward success. The app's tips can range from bait and tackle recommendations, which fish are most likely to be caught under certain conditions, and more.

4. Ultimate Angler

Slightly more expensive than the Deep Sea Angler app (at $2.99), but developed by the same company (Perry C. McKinley Sports), the Ultimate Angler app is another program worth having on your iPhone.

Ultimate Angler bears a similar interface to the Deep Sea Angler app, in that it encourages users to input information on various fishing condition factors they may be facing. However, instead of instant tips, the Ultimate Angler app seeks to teach fishermen more about the many different fish species out there, where those fish can be found, which baiting solutions should be used to catch them, what casting methods will yield the best results, and more.

In other words, between the Deep Sea Angler app and the Ultimate Angler app, you should have all the information you need to catch virtually any fish in virtually any scenario.

5. Fishing Flies 

Released by HarperCollins - yes, that HarperCollins, the publishing industry giant - this $4.99 app subtitles itself as "a guide to flies from around the world." If you don't already have a book of flies sitting in your library somewhere, this app is probably a good way to stock up on knowledge about fly tying and use. The app includes photographs and tips on tying 1,300 different flies.

That vast number is split into a variety of different categories to help you organize flies, both in your mind and in your tackle box. From the common trout and steelhead flies to the less-used saltwater flies - and encompassing virtually everything in between - this app is a guide to just about any fly you could ever want to tie or fish with.

Bonus Apps 

The five apps listed so far are all items that can be used to serve very practical purposes. They are also apps that could pretty much only be of use to a serious angler or boater, which means that they are part of a niche market on the Apple app store that most users would probably never peruse. However, more widely used applications with less fishing-exclusive uses can be every bit as important for an angler to have on his or her phone.

For instance, make sure you always have a weather app or two handy so that you can check wind speeds, temperatures, sunrise/sunset times, and forecasts on the go. Because forecasts can occasionally be incorrect, many anglers like to have multiple weather apps so that they always have a second or third opinion on the forthcoming weather. Luckily, you can find a number of great weather apps for free on any mobile app store, from Yahoo Weather to the Weather Channel to Wunderground.

Many anglers also like to treat themselves to a fishing game or two, just in case it rains and they have to cancel a fishing trip. One of the most popular fishing games at the moment is Flick Fishing, which is a realistic fishing simulator, with consistent species additions, that only costs $0.99. Anglers less worried about realism in their fishing games, on the other hand, should check out Ridiculous Fishing, an addictive game that takes advantage of the iPhone and its tilting, swiping, and tapping functionality.

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5 Fishing Apps Your Smartphone or Tablet is Useless Without