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5 Extremely Complicated Guns That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head [VIDEO]

You thought that your firearm was complicated. These five firearms will blow your mind.

Our host of the video, Alex, takes us through these five complicated guns. The first gun is the G41M. These are strange because they have no holes drilled for a gas system. They also don’t have any moving parts on the outside of the gun.

They even have to function as a bolt action in case of jams or a faulty action. As you can see in the video, when using the bolt action, the spring that is used in the automatic action falls away and you don’t have to pull against it.

Overall, a pretty complex gun.

The second gun Alex goes over is the M1895 Nagant revolver. This gun is crazy because of the round that it fires. You can’t even see the bullet.

The reason for this way of making the bullet is that a gas seal is used and you get a better seal with this ammunition. This gives the gun a little more power. The cylinder holds seven cartridges, not six. Why not? Lucky number seven always comes through right.

Number three on the list of complex guns is the Boberg XR-9. This guns magazine loads cartridges nose first. The reason for this is when the pistol picks up the round it rotates it and loads them into the chamber.

This gun has a rotating barrel, which is not unheard of, but makes the gun look very strange.

Next, the Sig 510 makes an appearance. As the narrator explains, this gun shoots great and is a pleasure to handle. This gun isn’t as overly complex as it is overly awesome.

The keg charging handle is pretty great. Another great feature is the winter glove trigger that flips down and makes the trigger easier to access. Awesomeness aside, this gun gets pretty complex on the inside and can throw even experienced gun handlers off when it is broken down.

Finally, the Mauser C96 or the broom handle pistol is examined. These guns were used in World War I. These are short recoil pistols and they only have one screw. The narrator tells us that they are a nightmare to take down and to put back.

Just from the picture I can already tell it would be way too much for me.

Do you own any of these? Do they leave you scratching your head?

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5 Extremely Complicated Guns That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head [VIDEO]