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5 Excellent Hang-On Treestands for the Hunter This Holiday Season


An accommodating tree stand can make all the difference on the hunt, below are suggested gifts for your hunter. 

When selecting a treestand, there are many features that influence your decision, like back straps, padded seats, weight, weight capacity and more.

This list provides some diverse product suggestions on the best treestand for you and yours this holiday season.

1. Lone Wolf Alpha ™ II Hang-On Stand


An easily portable treestand means one less thing to worry about on the hunt, so consider this stand, which weighs only 14 pounds and comes complete with back straps. Another attractive quality is the self leveling system that adjusts to difficult trees. Retail: $249.99

2. Big Game Aeromag Hang-On Treestand


Built with Alum-lite connections, this stand is sturdy and big enough for sitting and standing. The full-body straps and two adjustable padded back straps make it both safe and easy to transport. Sale Price: $159.99

3. Millennium M25 Hang-On Treestand


This stand folds flat, making it great for backpacking deep into the woods, and the Steel Tough construction means you will feel well supported. Stay safe and use the full-body safety harness with a Suspension Relief System. Retail: $99.99

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4. Hawk Combat Hang-on Stand


The powder-coated finish on this stand is sure to withstand the elements any season can dish out. Weighing in at 15.7 pounds, this product is easy to carry and the three-inch think memory foam seat will deliver comfort for hours and hours. Retail: $79.99

5. Muddy Outdoors Hunter Hang-On Stand


Boasting an adjustable waterproof seat with a three-inch foam core pad, sitting on this stand will feel like heaven. This stand weighs 14 pounds and features a full body safety harness with a Suspension Relief System. Retail: $199.99

These are just a few of the many hang-on treestand options that would make great gifts, visit Cabela’s for more excellent products.

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5 Excellent Hang-On Treestands for the Hunter This Holiday Season