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5 Items for Your Boy’s Backcountry Trip Beyond the Essentials

You and your friends have packed all your gear and are ready for the ultimate boy’s trip into the backcountry. It’s easy to remember the essentials, like your tent, backpack, hiking shoes, and sleeping bag, but there may be other items you’re forgetting.

Here are five other things for your boy’s backcountry trip that you might have overlooked.

1. Bring Some Booze

There’s nothing like a cold adult beverage after a nice hike or while you’re sitting around the campfire. Start with cans, no point in risking broken glass. Or go lighter, and bring something stronger that will keep you warm and jolly. Rum isn’t only for pirates, it’s also for backcountry explorers and mountain men.

2. Capture the Memories

No matter how hazy the nights (or even days) get, don’t forgot to document all your fun moments. While you shouldn’t spend more time looking through a lens or on your phone screen than you do enjoying the nature around you, photos are great to look back on in the future or when you need a little inspiration for your next boy’s trip. Plus, you’re never sure what you’ll see in the backcountry between the beautiful landscapes and exotic wildlife. Whether you have a GoPro, a point-and-shoot, a DSLR or a fancy smartphone camera, get snapping.

3. Carry Survival Gear

Adventure Medical Day Tripper First Aid Kit

You might be a man’s man, but you still need survival gear to stay prepared for the worst case scenario. Start with a first-aid kit that includes the essentials, like those suggested here. Small, individual ditch-kits are great for extreme emergencies when you’re away from the rest of your gear or need to ditch your stuff. Whether you make homemade ditch-kits or purchase pre-assembled ones, make sure the contents include: a signal (whistle), shelter (heat sheets), iodine tablets, something to make a fire with and something to eat that’s as close to non-perishable as you can get. If you spend a lot of time in the backcountry, it’s a good idea to invest in a personal locator beacon that will send a satellite signal out in the case of an emergency.

4. Remember Relaxin’ Gear

Besides your tent and sleeping bag, you and the boys need gear that allows you to kick back and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors. Set up hammocks and folding camping chairs around the fire or by your fishing spot at the water. Bring a pair of flat sandals to give your feet a rest after hiking, and if you have the room, pack a deck of cards.

5. Pack All Sorts of Fuel

You don’t just need fuel for your vehicle, although extra fuel in the backcountry is always a good idea. Prep a few campfire meals or look into stove top recipes that are delicious and nutritionally satisfying. If you’re lacking inspiration, check out the plethora of camping recipes we’ve already covered. Don’t forget to bring snacks that are easy to eat while trekking, such as granola bars, beef jerky, dried fruits and nuts. Lastly, the most important fuel of all is water. If you can’t bring a large supply with you, bring iodine tablets or a water purification system to ensure you stay hydrated.



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5 Items for Your Boy’s Backcountry Trip Beyond the Essentials