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5 EDC Items You Should Always Have on Hand If You Want to Be Prepared

Alex Burton

There are tons of items you could grab for your EDC, but here are my top five I wouldn’t leave the house without. 

If you asked the average prepper what their Everyday Carry (EDC) was, you would probably get slightly different answers from each. Some people take the minimalist approach, while some carry a backpack full of stuff. It all depends on how prepared you really want to be.

My personal EDC varies depending on whether I am heading into the woods or into my city’s busy downtown area. Regardless, I always have five items I would never leave the house without.

1. A Darn Good Knife

Buck Knives

While it is good practice in general to carry a knife, I don’t leave the house without one. You really don’t realize how handy having a knife in your pocket is until you need one. Whether you just need to open a package or possibly use it to defend your life, you should have one on you at all times.

You don’t need to go Rambo either, any old pocket folder will suffice. I do highly suggest spending some money on something you can truly rely on, though.

My favorite to carry is the classic Buck 110 folder. It is a little bulky, but I know it can do everything from cleaning game to everyday tasks no problem.

2. Bright Flashlight


With today’s phones the way they are, most people think they don’t need a flashlight anymore. Why carry one when you can just turn your camera’s flash on, right?

That’s fine, but what if you phone dies? What if you need to conserve your battery power? What if your phone gets broken?

Having a separate light is great for if you find yourself in a power outage, walking to your car on a dark night, and even to momentarily blind an attacker if need be.

I carry a Streamlight Stylus Pro. It is compact, but is super bright at 90 lumens. It easily clips to my pocket with the attached pen clip and allows me to whip it out in seconds.

3. Tactical Pen


This is another one of those items that everyone should carry, but doesn’t. How many times have you been somewhere and had someone ask if you had a pen on you?

Pens are just great when you need to scribble down an address, phone number, or sign a receipt. However, I do suggest looking into tactical pens. They can be used to break windows and in self defense situations. They are also weather proof so you can still write a note in the pouring rain if needed.

If you decide to go the tactical route, I would highly recommend the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen. Unlike other self defense pens you have to pull the top off to use, the glass breaker is right next to where the ballpoint for the pen comes out. That one less step of not pulling a cap off may come in handy.

4. Emergency Information Card


While I know a lot of us have this information in our phones, I would make a separate card to keep in your wallet. This is for the off chance you are in a serious accident and are unconscious. Emergency personnel will love you for it.

I would make one with the following:

  • Personal Information (name, DOB, address)
  • Emergency contacts
  • Blood type
  • Any current medical conditions and allergies

Numerous websites offer a free template you can print off or you can have one made professionally. Either way this is one item I highly recommend you carry and place behind your ID inside your wallet or purse.

5. Realiable Firearm


I personally feel everyone should carry a gun on them, especially in today’s world. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly though.

More should be taken into consideration than just purchasing a gun and carrying it. You need to spend adequate time at the range to stay proficient with it and should also consider getting professional firearms training. Having a firearm and not knowing how to properly use it in a situation can get yourself or an innocent person killed.

Even after I received my CCW I did not carry full time until I received the proper training for defense in a public setting. Now that I have that training and confidence I generally do not go anywhere without it on my hip.

Most of the time I carry a modified Keltec P-11. It is lightweight, accurate, and reliable. I entrust my own and families lives to it everyday.

I hope this list gives you a starting point as to what you should consider when assembling an EDC kit. Everyone will be different depending on the area and laws you have to follow.

Sit down and think about the things you really use everyday, then look to see if you can find a multi use item to fill those rolls. Just remember it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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5 EDC Items You Should Always Have on Hand If You Want to Be Prepared