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5 Easy DIY Shooting Projects for the Winter

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It’s cold outside, but there are plenty of shooting projects inside. These 5 DIY shooting projects are ready for you to tackle. 

Just because it gets cold outside doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying our shooting hobby. There are always projects that need to be done. You know the ones I am talking about: the projects that you want to do, but you never seem to have time for during the shooting season. When the days turn cold and snowy, spending time working on those projects looks really good.

Sometimes those projects just give us something to do to keep from having to tackle the honey-do list. Whatever the reason, building these projects will give you some satisfaction of doing a good job, and maybe save you some money in the long run.

These are some of the projects that we found the most interesting and helpful.

1. Build target stands.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a large outdoor range, target stands are a must-have. Sometimes you can find a great deal online for them, but why not make your own out of PVC pipe? With a tape measure, saw and possibly some PVC cement, you can make sturdy and cheap target stands. And since it’s PVC pipe, it’s cheap and easy to replace if you accidentally shoot it.

2. Make shooting support bags.

If you are a rifle shooter and enjoy benchrest shooting, you may have considered getting shooting bags to put under your gun to hold it in place for long-range shots. Why buy them when you can make them? Fill some old socks with kitty litter or sand. Tie them off, and you have shooting bags that you can stack, adjust and flatten easily. And if they get ruined, you can simply make more.

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3. Make targets.

Try making your own shoot and see targets. You can also make many other types of targets. If you can get hold of a big piece of cardboard, for example, you can trim it down into the shape of a silhouette, like an IDPA or USPSA target, and use the PVC stands to hold it while you practice for a match. Look online for printable targets. There are so many targets you can make, you may not ever need to buy them again.

4. Build a workbench/reloading bench.

If you are a reloader, or just need some place to work on guns, with a little bit of time and money, you can build the perfect custom reloading bench or workbench for all your gunsmithing and cleaning needs. The sky’s the limit on this one.

5. Paint your gun.

Tired of the old black matte finish on that competition rifle? Want to give your carry gun a new look? Then just paint it. Whether it’s with Duracoat, Hydro-dip, Cerakote or the many other paint options available, you can change the look of your gun, accessories and rifle furniture quite easily right in your garage. Camouflage or bright purple? Just remember less is always more here.

painted gun
Gun Slot

As you can see, there are many projects that can keep you busy during the winter months: seasonal firearm maintenance, safety maintenance, cleaning up your reloading room.

These projects and many more await you and will help keep you warm until spring heralds the new shooting season.

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5 Easy DIY Shooting Projects for the Winter