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5 of the Easiest Gifts to Wrap for the Hunter From Bass Pro Shops


Pick out the easiest gifts to wrap for the hunter in your family. They are all the from the same place too! 

Some people can knock out holiday shopping in an afternoon and still find time to get a nice cappuccino from Starbucks and reflect on the time spent at the mall. Others just aren’t so lucky. Let this list be a guide for you to find the easiest gifts to wrap for the hunter in your family that will not only save time, but make things seamless when it comes time to place these gifts under the tree.

1. Badlands Packs and Camo

You can never go wrong with high quality, great looking camo. On top of that, a new hunting backpack is just as a suitable gift and both will fit right in a bag or box. Luckily, Badlands offer the best of both. I love the Badlands camo that I have and the hunter in your family will not be disappointed with either choice. Retails $19.99 to $439.00 depending on style and options.

Check it out on


2. Vortex Scopes 

If you have a hunter in the family, then they probably have a shotgun or rifle. A new scope is a great gift and one from Vortex makes it a top of the line option too. What gift could be easier to wrap than one that comes in it’s own box? Starting at $119.00.

Find it on 


3. Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera

Hunters love trail cameras. They show us what is going on in the woods when we can’t be out there ourselves. I keep four or five out on the property I hunt all year long. These cameras are my personal favorites and they can be wrapped the man way also. You don’t know the man way? Just drop them in a bag with some wrapping paper from the grocery store and prepare to spread some holiday cheer. Retails at $99.88

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4. iPROTEC LED Flashlight 

There hasn’t been a single time in my life of being a hunter that I have not needed a flashlight at some point during a hunt. These little flashlights are bright as can be. This is my light of choice for following a blood trail after the sun goes down because it illuminates such a large area for such a little light. As far as wrapability? This makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Found for $9.99.

BP flashlight
Get one at Bass Pro Shops

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5. Textpac Hand Warmer

I know what it is like to be cold. When the hands get cold, hunting is no longer fun. This Textpac hand warmer will allow the hunter in your family to keep their hands warm and still be able to check out Facebook while they are up in their treestand. I actually use this same thing. I keep catching myself every now and then reminding myself to turn the dang phone off and pay attention, but Twitter has a pretty strong hold on me. Retails for $29.99.

See it here on

Of course these are just a few ideas of a some gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on any hunters face this holiday season. Any gift can be made so it is easily wrapable if you can find a big enough box or bag to put in. However, these give make it real convenient.

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5 of the Easiest Gifts to Wrap for the Hunter From Bass Pro Shops