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5 DIY Fixes to Make Your Truck an Ultimate Fishing Vehicle

Sometimes, you’ve got to get creative with your own DIY fishing truck.

Every angler knows a truck is something special. For starters, it’s always ready to haul your gear and get you to that fishing hole, come what may.

A Ram 1500 is already a viable fishing machine, but there are lots of things you can do to customize your ride so it’s in even better condition to serve your angling interests.

Here are just a few, and we’re sure you’ve thought of others. Would you do this to your Ram 1500?

1. PVC Rod Holders – Bed


2. PVC Rod Holders – Grill

Upright and sturdy, these can hold more rods, albeit with less overall protection.

3. Painted Mudflaps

West Coast Off Road
West Coast Off Road

Grab a cool fish stencil online and try your artistic hand with some all-weather, all-surface white paint.

4. Kayak/Canoe Pads

Use pool noodles, with a chunk cut out to fit over the top of the tailgate.

5. Wet Box

Not all fishermen hop into the water, but for those who do, wet waders and boots are a mainstay. Add a plastic tub or container to your truck bed, drill a few small holes in the bottom and sides, and toss any extra-soaked gear in there until you can return home and dry it out properly.

…on the other hand, you might have the Ram 1500 with the long-lasting, waterproof, drainable Rambox to replace this list item altogether!


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5 DIY Fixes to Make Your Truck an Ultimate Fishing Vehicle