7 Crazy Weird Venison Recipes

These recipes aren't your average venison meals but you need to be adventurous! Try these crazy weird venison recipes. 

When you're ready to get adventurous in the kitchen with your wild game, one of these seven venison choices will fit the bill.

Tongue, heart and even ice cream are featured, so branch out and try something new.

1. Grilled venison heart. You won't waste any part of your kill with this dish!

Hunter Angler Gardner Cook.

2. Venison meat pie. Try baking this dish to revisit our British forefather roots.

Jamie Oliver

3. Venison Pastry

Red Deer Foodie

4. Venison ice cream. It's a real thing.


5. Venison liver creme caramel

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

6. Venison liver spread, also known as pate

The Kitchen Witch

7. Venison tongue. Sticking with the theme of using the whole deer here.

Hunter Angler Gardner Cook

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