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5 Decades of Deer Hunting for this Outdoorsman

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A veteran North Dakota hunter continues to follow his passion for deer hunting.

John Peters has been hunting for over 50 years, and still continues to pursue trophy deer at the age of 93 in the wilds of North Dakota.

His years of hunting experience have translated into a family affair, with his son, daughter, and other family members involved in different stages of the hunt.

As a younger man, John would stalk the badlands and wilderness of North Dakota, but now as he ages his family has built him an enclosed blind so that he can continue to go after the game he loves to hunt.

In the last decade he has harvested some dandy trophy bucks from his blind. Three of the deer in the last five years were each over 160 inches, which he brought for mounting to either of the two taxidermists that are members of the family.

“He would love to be able to walk up and down the hills and around the creeks, but he still likes to sit out there and see the movement of the animals, and it’s a plus when he gets to shoot one,” says John’s son Gary.

John’s hunting passion was handed down both to Gary and his daughter, Deb Rising. Gary has fond memories of hunting as a young boy with his father, and the hours spent enjoying the outdoors led John to become a biologist.

Deb also looks back fondly on her time preparing the game after the hunt with the family and creating their own cherished recipes.

“We always add different spices, tweaking the recipe until we found the perfect one and it is almost like a hidden secret. It was so good you didn’t want to tell anybody outside of the family about it,” said Rising.

Mr. Peters is out again this deer season as he has done for over 50 years, waiting patiently in his blind on their family parcel of land for that next big buck to step into shooting range.

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5 Decades of Deer Hunting for this Outdoorsman