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5 Times Fish Have Scared the S#!t Out of Anglers [VIDEO]

These fish do NOT want to be your next meal! Check out 5 times that fish have fought back. 

Sometimes fish will try their damnedest to not get pulled in. Of course, the fight is the allure!

Shark Madness

Ever seen a grown man scared sh…uh, shoeless? Well, here are three of ‘em…and they’re freaking out. You gotta see this video, and if you’re not laughing so hard you’re crying, you ain’t no fisherman.

LOTS of profanity, but hilarious and honest reactions from these not-so-brave youngsters. This monster-sized 16-foot hammerhead chomps down on a six-foot blacktip shark in Florida.

The shark rams the 14-foot boat and the guys freak out…they’re terrified, but it’s hilarious to hear and watch.



Full Contact Fishing?

While filming a segment for “Tails From The Outdoors Show,” these guys barely miss getting taken out by a 40-pound barracuda that jumps right into their boat! Barracudas, with more teeth than a chainsaw, can cause some pretty disastrous endings for anglers.

Fortunately, these guys were just a little (a LOT) scared, but came out in one piece.


Shark Steal

Oh man, this one is a winner, even if she loses the fish. Sarah Brame is attempting to reel in a redfish from the dock when an unexpected visitor creates a little commotion.

Better than the fish fight is the reaction from the anglers. They’ll have you cracking up right there in your seat.


Flying Mako

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…MAKO? This crazy mako does nine…yes, NINE somersaults! This one is hilarious and totally cool…and the anglers are so funny to hear. Watch this monstrous beast fly like it’s got a jet pack.

Amazing and exciting, must watch.


David and Goliath

Where’s David when you need  him? This goliath attacks…and attacks…and attacks. Whew, these make me wanna think twice about getting a little too close to these guys!

Fishing can be dangerous sometimes, and I’m not talking about the water or the fishing gear. I’m talking about what you are going after.

Be careful of fish out there!

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5 Times Fish Have Scared the S#!t Out of Anglers [VIDEO]