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5 Coolest Pike Attacks Ever [VIDEO]

These pike attacks show just how nasty these predatory fish can be.

Pike attacks are a matter of survival for these carnivorous fish. The folks running the cameras in these videos seem to feel bad for the critters and fish getting attacked, but this is a part of the ecological balance in these areas.

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Watch the video to see why you should keep your cat off the dock.


Like plenty of mammalian predators, pike are not picky eaters. If they see a chance for an easy meal, they take it and will even resort to cannibalism when food supplies are low. This trait, along with their large size, makes them a favorite game fish for many outdoorsmen and women.

If you’ve never tried catching these aggressive fish, wet a line today and see if you can create some pike attacks of your own.

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5 Coolest Pike Attacks Ever [VIDEO]