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5 Coolest Gadgets You Need for Your Fishing Kayak

Scotty Paddle Sports

Okay, so you’ve got your fishing kayak…now what?

You can’t just let it go at that, you’ve got to deck it out with everything from paddle leashes to fish finders, but where do you start? Here’s your guide.

1. Paracord Paddle Leash

Yakalicious Paddle Leash
Daniel Leathers

The Original Para-cord Paddle Leash is one of the coolest leashes on the market as well as the only mass produced para-cord leash available. It comes 48″ long and has 112′ of high tinsel para-cord braided to give a great tool for survival.

Yakalicious Paddle Leash
Daniel Leathers

The leash also has a length of shock cord (bungee) on either end to allow for easy attachment to your kayak. The leash can also be used as a tow strap if needed for pulling along a kids kayak or a stranded paddler.

Yakalicious Paddle Leash 2
Daniel Leathers

The Original Para-cord Paddle Leash is made by Yakalicious and is available at Longhunter Outfitters.

2. Scotty Bait Board

Scotty Paddle Bait Board
Scotty Paddle Sports

The 455 Bait Board by Scotty Paddle Sports keeps things close to the cuff and easily accessible. You can keep knives, pliers, lures and even drink holders at arms reach.

The height and position can be easily adjusted by adding one of the numerous Scotty adjustable arms. These are available at most kayak pro shops.

3. Yak-gear Outriggers


Outrigger stabilizers from Yak-Gear offers the paddler more stability when sight casting or just paddling.

The arms are adjustable up to 30 inches long and will provide a float base roughly 22 inches from either side of the boat.  They mount to your boat in a Scotty 350 Rod Holder mounted to the boat.

The large floats are best for total weights over 350 pounds and offer an additional 100 pounds of buoyancy.

4. Kayak Kaddy

Kayak Fishing Blog

The Kayak Kaddy is a roto-molded, independent storage compartment that can be towed behind the kayak. They also double as a great storage caddy for wade fishing in creeks.

The basic specs on the Kayak Kaddy are:

  • Access hatch:  Easily accessible 11 in. diameter
  • Compatible with any kayak, canoe, or SUP
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Max load capacity: 50 pounds.
  • Internal volume approximately 35 liters for storage

5. Hunting Mounts (Guns)


The hunting mounts made by Railblaza fits any rail system (may require adapters) or can be mounted directly to you boat.

They can be purchased individually or as a set and can be used on your ATV as well. You can also get smaller versions to hold paddles and fishing rods.

No matter what you do with your kayak, personalizing it is part of the fun. Stickers, accessories and other accouterments help to make your kayak….well, yours.



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5 Coolest Gadgets You Need for Your Fishing Kayak