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5 Coolest Custom Calls From the 2016 NWTF National Convention

Daniel Leathers

Here are five of the coolest decorative calls from the NWTF National Convention.

Every year artists from across the country gather to put their decorative, usable custom calls into the National Championships at the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) National Convention.

Custom call makers are truly a paradox. They create beautiful works of artistic excellence that is also utilitarian, though it’s doubtful anyone would use them as such. Tim Oldham, artist and call-maker, says that images fly through his mind as he prepares to create a working piece of art.

Here are five of the coolest calls on display at the 2016 NWTF National Convention.

Note: The calls were picked for artistic beauty without looking at the makers. However, you will notice that most are from the same person.

5. A Fish Call?

Call (fish) by Dave Constatine
Daniel Leathers

No, it’s not a fish call. Although, that would be handy. This beautiful call designed and created by Dave Constantine brings to life the lines of a speckled trout.

4. Duck Call

Duck Call by dave Constatine
Daniel Leathers

This duck call, also by Dave Constantine, is a nice piece of artwork. However, it’s the display case that brings the story to life. The only thing missing is the retriever standing by your side who delivered these two ducks to you.

3. Jungle Gold

Jungle Gold by Dave Constatine
Daniel Leathers

Another award winner by Dave Constantine. The artistry never ceases to amaze me in this competition. This gorgeous boxcall has so much to show. The intricacies that are built into this call have numerous stories to tell. From the snake on the lid to the flamingo strutting along to the antler handle, this piece shows what can be found in the wild when we look.

2. Seminole Winds

Seminole Winds by Dave Constatine
Daniel Leathers

The Seminole Winds sweep across Florida in the land of the Osceola. Yet again, Dave Constantine nails it with this rendition of the small habitat of the wary Osceola turkey.

You can almost feel the fronds caressing your cheek as you wait at the ready for that big tom to step out.

1. Close Call

Close Call By Tim Oldham
Daniel Leathers

Close Call by Tim Oldham is by far my favorite. By the way, it is, like all others, a working call. The artistic display is just that, a display. It holds the wonderful sounding call that easily overlooked by the scene you witness.

In speaking with Tim about this call, he said that the idea was flying through his mind for almost a year as he worked on this. Though no one could clearely see his vision when he talked about it, everyone can see it now.

The National Championship Custom Call Contest is the epitomy of friendly competition, but it is also the apex of wildlife artistry on display.

If you’ve never had a chance to attend, make plans to head to Nashvile, Tennessee next February and see the awesomeness that is the National Wild Turkey Federation National Convention.



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5 Coolest Custom Calls From the 2016 NWTF National Convention