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5 Common Concealed Carry Mistakes


Are you a concealed weapon carrier? Are you making any of these mistakes?

There is a process that all need to follow in order to be licensed to carry a concealed weapon. The good training facilities are very thorough, however mistakes are still made by many after the fact.

Here is a list of mistakes commonly made by concealed weapon carriers.

1. Inadequate Training

Many permit holders take a basic course and leave thinking they have learned all there is to know. This is a dangerous thought that can lead to a grave mistake. Without the proper training you are not only putting yourself in harm’s way, but those around you as well.

Take the initiative to research the training facility and strive to attend a quality in-depth training with refresher courses through out the following years.

2. Carrying a variety of guns or buying the wrong firearm

Carrying a variety of guns limits your ability to fully train with that firearm. Avid shooters will attest that each firearm has a feel to it, and you have to familiarize yourself with the different operating system of the weapon, point of aim and muscle memory.

Selecting the wrong firearm for yourself can work against your conceal carry purpose as well.

3. Not having a full understanding of the conceal carry responsibility

Carrying a firearm that can mortally wound another is a huge responsibility. Your mindset has to realize the affects you pulling the trigger may have. Legally you have the right to carry and use the firearm as a situation dictates, however, it does not mean that you should always shoot.

Forgetting you are carrying poses another problem. Recently in the news, a teacher accidentally shot herself in the leg while using the restroom. Events like these are exactly what anti-gun activists look for to lobby for more gun reform. It is our obligation as gun owners and concealed weapon carriers to realize the great responsibility we have elected to exercise.

4. Wearing improper clothing or holsters

Wearing the improper clothing or using an inadequate holster can cause your firearm to imprint through your clothing. This negates the purpose of having a conceal carry permit as it alerts and alarms everyone around you that you are carrying a weapon. A variety of holsters are made to help prevent this mistake – choose wisely.

5. Not practicing

It defeats the purpose to carry a concealed weapon if you are uncertain and untrained in realistic scenarios. This goes hand in hand with mistake number one, however, practicing is entirely up to you as the conceal carrier. Effective practice only helps you be more at ease with your firearm.

Undoubtedly, carrying a concealed weapon is a grand responsibility. Being a concealed carrier also means you represent other fellow concealed license holders as well as gun owners. Refresh yourself periodically on all that being a concealed carrier encompasses to avoid making these mistakes.

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5 Common Concealed Carry Mistakes