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5 Christmas Goose Recipes Even a Scrooge Would Love

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Honker Hunters can deliver the Christmas Goose with these goose recipes.

One of the most popular game birds besides duck and turkey is the goose, and a roast Christmas goose is certainly a good use for one. Many consider them the "roast beef of the sky," but there are still a number of silly people out there that insist on a Christmas turkey.

How wrong they are.

Here are 5 goose recipes that will give any Scrooge the Christmas spirit in spades...and may push them into the field to start harvesting their own.

Gordon Ramsay's Christmas Goose

Jurgen Howaldt/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA
Jurgen Howaldt/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Say what you want, the guy knows how to cook. Ramsay's roast goose recipe calls for the bird to be rubbed with a spice mixture of lemon and lime zest, parsley, thyme, sage and 5-spice powder, a sweet-savory spice common in Chinese cooking, and drizzled with honey before roasting in the oven.

For wild goose, you may want to also give it a basting with melted butter, as their won't be nearly as much fat. You'd also do well to undercut the cooking time, so as not to overcook the meat. However, the otherwise foul-mouthed fine food impresario's recipe should make a Christmas main course to remember. You can find it on the BBC food site.

Canada Goose Pie

Few dishes are as welcome on a cold day as a hot meat pie, and here's a recipe for Canada goose pie. There's nothing much to it - brown up some cubed goose meat, cook some hardy vegetables, put them inside a crust and bake until it all comes together in deliciousness. Not a traditional entry in goose recipes, to be sure...but if made right will surely become a favorite.

The recipe is on

To send this over the top, serve with a pint of a good craft beer.

Goose Au Poivre

jeffreyw/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA
jeffreyw/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Wild goose is said to be the roast beef of the sky. Put that to use by making goose breast au poivre, a classic steak recipe of French origin. Au poivre is a peppercorn-crusted steak cooked in the pan, and served with a peppercorn sauce made by deglazing the pan with butter, brandy (Cognac or Armagnac would be best) and heavy cream, along with aromatics (such as shallot) and often mustard, not unlike a classic Stroganoff. It might not be the first thing you think of with goose recipes, but it will delight.

Here's a recipe at HonestFood.

Be careful with this dish. If undesirables among relatives try it, they'll visit more often.

Roast Goose with Apples

Apologies in advance - this recipe is also French in origin. Roast goose with caramelized apples is a popular dish from Alsace, the eastern region that borders the Rhine. (Alsace is also well-known for producing foie gras, so they know how to cook birds.) However, if you pull off this goose recipe, you will surrender to how delicious it is.

While roasting the goose, you take some of the dripping fat out to toss the apples in. Caramelize them in the oven alongside the bird, and serve slices of goose over the apples. Find the recipe at Epicurious.

Note on roasting wild geese - roast the bird for less time than with a farmed goose. Baste with a good amount of fat, as well. Roasted game birds can easily dry out. A good brining helps too.

Glazed Wild Goose Breasts

JPS68/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA
JPS68/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

A good sauce or glaze touches off a great piece of meat, which will take this goose recipe over the top. Find it on AllRecipes.

This recipe calls for a sweet, savory glaze loaded with orange zest. In other words, this is goose a'l'orange.

Any one of these goose recipes will make a Christmas to remember, or any day to remember, really.

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5 Christmas Goose Recipes Even a Scrooge Would Love