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5 Camping Tips for a Better Campout

These 5 tips might just make your next campout a little better.

Camping can be a bummer if something goes wrong. It’s even worse if that camping mishap could have been avoided.

Use these camping tips for a better chance at avoiding any camping calamity.

1. Take an inventory

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Taking an inventory of your stuff prior to your trip is a smart thing to do. An inventory allows you to keep a list of the items you already have as well as what you may need. This ensures you show up to your campout prepared with everything you need for an enjoyable time.

2. Make a menu

Space is limited during a campout. Prior to leaving for your trip, make a menu. Having a meal menu helps you purchase and take the food items you need for meal preparation. This helps with the limited amount of space you have to pack everything.

3. Find and create shelter before dark

active happiness
active happiness


Setting up your spot prior to darkness makes setting up your camp a whole lot easier. It is difficult to navigate in the dark and could set up your camping experience for a negative experience from the start.

4. Plan for bad weather



Weather is unpredictable anywhere, but it seems more unpredictable when out in the wilderness. Plan for bad weather not only with clothing and camp gear, but also with activities to curb boredom and cabin fever.

5. Pack a survival kit

Experienced campers may feel invincible while out in nature, however, bad things can happen quickly when out in the wild. Packing a survival kit as a precautionary measure offers peace of mind if something goes awry. It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

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5 Camping Tips for a Better Campout